A planet covered with vast, extremely deep oceans. A small axial tilt and a low elliptical orbit makes for an
Gaeto planet

The water planet of Gaeto.

almost always constant temperature, driving a predictable and stable weather system. The planet's only major landmass is a small continent in the northern hemisphere, featuring rocky beaches and a thick jungle. Many underwater anomalies have been detected, some huge, but the source of which have never been determined.

The planet also has very little indigenous life, with 80% of it being a floral-ichthyic hybrid organism that resembles an Earth whale, but gathers necessary nutrients through the solar rays during the 50 hour day and resting during the 67 hour night. Gaeto has a very wide variety of both sea and bird life. Most people travel by boat on this planet, though aircraft are sometimes used to travel great distances on the planet.

The orbital period of Gaeto is 1,779 days or roughly 4 Earth years. The capital of Gaeto is Turesta.


Gaeto was first discovered in 2469 by Humanity, naming it after the hero of the battle and subsequent pursuit that led to the discovery of the planet. 

In 2478, they established a colony that evolved into a hub for low-end bounty hunting and investing over the course of a decade. After the first years of relative success, an interplanetary government, the Independent Republic of Gaeto (IRG), was formed. The IRG managed to enforce minimal law on the planet, although there were still noticeable casualty rates, but that has changed since the arrival of the Chat.


As of 2557, Gaeto's senate has been in turmoil after the Chat Empire offered to integrate the planet. They formed a Chat presence on the planet, protecting the cities in exchange for laws and regulations. Some see it as tyranny, while others as autocracy at work. The Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox would get involved and soon lead to The Ambush at Gaeto.

This planet would also be home to a Delegation held by Karl with the hopes of uniting enough people to help him fight the Chat. While everything did get off to a smooth start, a bomb detonation left the capital in chaos and forced Karl to return to the drawing board. Things only got worse when it was realized that Jess McKathy had been abducted. 

The planet's capital would be subject to an attack by the Chat Empire as retaliation for the capturing and killing of Chat leaders. Though the Republic would beat the Chat back, the capital was in ruins and the city suffered numerous civilian and military casualties. 

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