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Fox McCloud is the primary character of the Star Fox universe.  The leader of Team Heretic Dinofox, Fox McCloud adopted the alias "1hs444" to hide from his past in the mysterious new Heretic Dinofox universe.

1hs444/Fox McCloud
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Fox donning a black vest during the THDF era of his lifetime.


30 (Angler Blitz, beginning of Galactic Chat War)


Commander of Team Heretic Dinofox

Primary Weapons

Modified Charge shot blaser, Demon Sniper Rifle, Arwing II Starfighter

1hs444 (or Fox McCloud, as his role playing name is) is an anthropomorphic Red Fox identical to Fox McCloud from Star Fox. He is often noble, but occassionally sarcastic and immature, on top of this, he is an okay leader. However, he will always take a job for justice, as seen in multiple occassions. His personality is a hybrid of Luke Skywalkers from Star Wars, and Captain Kirk's from Star Trek.

He commonly uses the Demon Sniper RifleCS Type-25 DEP, his Capital Ship and his personal Arwing II Starfighter.


Ace of the Lylat System

In his series, Fox was born on the deserted planet of Papetoon, and then moved to Corneria, fourth planet of the Lylat system with his father, James McCloud. Some time before this, a mad scientist named Andross (Anthropomorphic Monkey) conducted dangerous experiments in the capital of Corneria, resulting in a massive explosion. Andross was exiled to the barren, deserted planet Venom for this crime, where he was thought to have died soon after. Fox's father formed a space mercenary team known as Star Fox early in his life, and has become rather wealthy from his business. The original members of the team were James, Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. Fox joined the Cornerian Air Force to follow his fathers footsteps, and gained friends while in the academy. Meanwhile, James McCloud was hired by the General of the Cornerian army; General Pepper in order to investigate the barren wasteland planet on the edge of the Lylat system known as Venom. On the teams arrival, Pigma Dengar betrayed the team for money after a still living Andross (spoiler alert) bribed the money hungry Pig. Only Peppy Hare managed to eventually escape, and returned to Corneria to tell James son Fox about his fathers fate. A few years have passed. Andross has again invaded the Lylat system, with a huge following of anthropomorphic Lizards and Monkeys determined to rule the galaxy.

 General Pepper has turned to a new Star Fox team, headed by Fox Mcloud, to save Corneria, and free the Lylat System once again. With James special Arwing starfighters, his personal capital ship (That he ordered, but never got to see for himself, named the Great Fox) and the ships robot pilot "ROB 64", Fox and his crew (Fox, Peppy, the hot headed ace Falco Lombardi and the tech savvy Slippy Toad) were able to punch through the planets in the Lylat system and reach Andross's front door step on Venom. Before this, Fox met his fathers old rival, Wolf O'Donnell at Venom. After dispatching of Wolf and his "Star Wolf" team (Made of Wolf, the Lizard Leon, Pigma Dengar and Andross's nephew Andew) Star Fox might be ready for Andross... However Fox was ready for Andross. Fox entered Andross's lair and battled him, until his face literally ripped off. Whatever was left of the biologically enhanced and supermassive Andross fought Fox until Fox finally killed him. In Andross's last breathe, he self destructed the entire lair, leaving Fox to die. Out of no where, Fox's father James found Fox in the mess, and escorted him out of the base. Realizing that it was an hallucination, Fox and the rest of the team flew back to Corneria, and were heavily rewarded for saving the Lylat system. These are the events of the first canonical game in the series, Star Fox 64.  

Four years later, Falco Lombari has split from the team and a crisis (Depicted in the manga: Farewell, beloved Falco) happened on the planet Titania. Long story short, a crazed Captain of the Cornerian army has begun to resurrect Andross and the team is sent in to investigate. The captain (Captain Sheers) meets Fox inside a secret room on the base that he is operating, where a half rebuilt emperor Andross wakes to meet Slippy Toad. Slippy, the nerd of the team, shouts in fear, but Andross only becomes conscious when he see's the one who doomed him; Fox. He destroy's the base out of anger, and attempts to crush Fox, when Fox fires a "Smart bomb" right at him from his Landmaster tank. The emperor was killed again, and peace was once again restored.

Another four years later, the system and planet "Sauria" fell under attack (Star Fox Adventures). Sauria was splitting apart, and Fox eventually found out that he had to obtain several mystical artifacts in order to save itself from shattering completely.  After saving the locals from an invading faction, obtaining these relics, and meeting a vixen named "Krystal", Fox found the "Ghost of Andross" hanging over Sauria. He flew into the skies where Andross was waiting and almost was killed until Falco Lombardi returned from his eight year absence, giving Fox a smart bomb to kill the emperor for the third time. A year has passed.  Falco and Krystal join Star Fox, and Peppy resides in the ships command bridge due to his age.

A new enemy appears just as the remnants of Andross's army (led by Andross's nephew Andrew) is being destroyed, known as the Aparoids (Star Fox: Assault).  Fox fights this insect Borg/Flood like enemy, until he finally makes his way to their home planet.  Before this however, he was met with some surprise help by Wolf O'Donnell, Leon and his new third member, Panther Caroso. Many planets of the Lylat system are completely totaled, leaving massive reconstruction efforts years later. Pigma is turned into an Aparoid, and Fox finally gets his revenge on Pigma killing whatever was left of him. Slippy's father, Beltino, was able to create a weapon that when given to the queen hivemind of the Aparoids, ordered all other aparoids to self destruct. Fox killed the queen after the queen impersonated many of the infected, including partially infected Peppy, General Pepper, Pigma, and even James McCloud by using Pigma's memories and after the long battle, the "Apoptosis" effect worked, resulting in the Aparoids extinction.

Another 3 years later Fox has asked Krystal to leave Star Fox for her safety, Falco left for the thrills of the galaxy and Slippy became involved in a relationship, so he left as well.  Even Peppy left, and accepted the job as the General of the Cornerian army after General Pepper was wounded from the Aparoid invasion, and the Great Fox was destroyed during the Aparoid invasion, leaving Fox with a much weaker and unfit Mothership. Star Fox wasn't good by this point, but as a new threat emerged, Fox got a new job. An invasion created by the long dead Andross was planned, after he created an evil menace that took refuge in Venoms acid seas. The Anglers were the newest threat (Star Fox: Command) on the horizon, and they wrecked havoc similar to how Andross did. Star Fox Command had 9 endings, but the one that is known as the canonical ending was the first one, where the previous members of Star Fox (Fox, Krystal, Falco and Slippy) defeats the Angler queen and Slippy's girlfriend joins Star Fox.

Team Heretic Dinofox introduction

The only difference from Fox in his own universe and the Team Heretic Dinofox one is that after the series, Fox entered a slipspace rupture forcing himself into another dimension. When he entered the alternate dimension, the Great Fox II (replacing the original Great Fox) was heavily damaged, so Fox sold it to the locals for scrap, but he kept the remnants of a protocol droid and various weapons with him. His friends managed to escape from entering the rift, and Fox, ROB and the Great Fox II were the only ones forced into the anomaly. He realized that his only way home was a device shattered into several pieces and held by the Chat Empire (The antagonists of the Heretic Dinofox universe, which is a mock on Halo Nations chat). 

Fox met a Resistance offical on the planet that he sold the Great Fox II on the planet known as Gauss Wisely, and this Sangheili told him the events of this new universe from the start to finish:

"For a long time before the age we know, there was a peaceful galaxy with political power shifting to people known as the Administration, which was part of the Halo Nation faction. Nearly every planet obeyed this government, and accepted it's security. As part of the system's policy, every 7 years new Administrators and Chat Moderators had to be elected. Right after the 117th election replacing Administrators, a new threat appeared.

A war broke out between two factions, the United Opedia and the Chat Nation. A long war was fought, with Chat Nation resorting to desperate measures to ensure their civilians protection. Halo Nation eventually beat back this threat, and forced most of them out of the galaxy. Chat Nation protected the galaxy for another 7 years, until their new election. The citizens of this Galaxy felt that they couldn't trust the current Administrators, and selected a new political side; the Chat Empire.

After all of these new political members joined together and formed a new political party called the Chat Empire, and after they got the power in politics, they changed the Administrations policy. Suddenly the entire galaxies protection was shifted into fear, and this newly formed "Chat Empire" herded thousands of the resistance into correctional camps order to ensure their new fear based banhammer policy.  Even though the Chat Empire was formed to ensure that the races of this galaxy don't fight against each other, they wield deadly banhammers and use them recklessly.

21 more years after the 118th elections, I find a humanoid Fox sitting on the other side of this table in the Gauss Wisely cantina asking for the most basic current events. I hear of these slipspace ruptures happening everytime a slipspace crystal is split into smaller ones which are given to new Administrators, but I've never seen someone who has survived going through the rifts...."

Fox thought hardly over what the Resistance leader said, but he still went on his way. Fox then went to a Chat Empire garrison located in the heart of the busy Gauss Wisely city, and initially attempted to ask the Empire for their device, and after nearly getting into serious trouble, he decided to enlist in the Chat Empire. After a few months, and quickly getting promoted to a squadrons leader, Fox was forced to destroy an insurrectionist's base.  He did it, but forever felt guilty for his actions partially due to the words echoed to him from the Field Marshall months before, leading to his resignation later on. Realizing that only that Chat Moderators and Administrators have access to these powerful relics, Fox desperately attempted to steal the artifacts in an attempt to get back to his world. After being captured and set for execution, Fox fleed in his Arwing fighter and flied to the peaceful planet Lawlderan. Fox then decided to join the small amounts of resistance led by General SheerAvenger777, right before a full scale attack on Lawlderan. In knowledge of his skill, General Sheer gave Fox command of a key defense satellite, which he defended during an assault. After the initial attack on Lawlderan, Fox left the rebellion to create Team Heretic Dinofox, made up of Fox, the hot headed DMR4LIFE, the Noble Xili Gar (or "Raptor") and the former Unnamed Sangheilian Field Marshall, all of which wanted to stop the Empire from their conquest on The Galaxy. This team would take a job for a price, but always did it for a cause.

Regret, Revenge, and the War

The recently formed Team Heretic Dinofox was on Lawlderan when it was attacked for the second time, this time with the assistance of the Chat Star. The Team helped evacuate the cities right before the Chat Star's troll laser destroyed Lawlderan. Forever. Furious, Fox decided to regroup at Havin IV, a military stronghold for the resistance, and the last hope for an insurrection.  

A new hope

The Chat Star followed them to the planet, when a massive squadron of starfighters led by Team Heretic Dinofox exploited a weakness on the artificial planet. Fox was confronted by Darth TheHackingDog, and a dogfight ensued. HackingDog was hit by the bounty hunter Dark Lumiya, saving Fox and forcing HackingDog into space. The Chat Star eventually was destroyed, with heavy casualties on both sides. Fleeing Havin IV, the Team drifted from job to job, spending their time away from General Sheer's resistance. During this period, Raptor left for awhile to seek the thrills of the galaxy. He temporarily left the team to forge a shaky alliance with the corrupt General Sgt D Grif, Special Forces Officer Blue the Timber Wolf and Major179, all of which are part time officers in the Chat. These members formed the "Team Stalk the Good Guys", a bounty hunting team that rivals Team Heretic Dinofox. The rival team to Heretic Dinofox had some form of one use only time traveling equipment, allowing them to use a deadly comment blaster on a civilian on the planet "Thread", before this civilian even spoke against the Chat.  

The Flood Troll crisis

Team Heretic Dinofox's mothership, the Great Covenant-Human Autumn-Class Tactical Asteroid, was badly damaged after a parasite (Flood trolls) infected the ship. Fox secured the command bridge, while DMR secured the reactor room and a new Kig-Yar ally, Lord of the STARS took the Engine room.

Fox fought the Flood Trolls as they snunk up on him. The Engines nearly overloaded, until STARS set charges in the room to get rid of the parasite. The engines were badly damaged, and were temporarily fixed. Shortly after, a distress signal was given by a planet called Old Haven, regarding a climate control center keeping the infamous blizzards subdued. The climate control center was overrun by the same parasite, so DMR, Fox and STARS went and checked it out. They eliminated the threat, and the planet was saved; this heroic act led to the Old Haven government giving them a Multi-purpose robot, who Fox nicknamed ROB 64, which was his old robotic companion from his days in the Lylat system.  

Vidmas7er's Capture

Sometime later in the Galactic Chat War, the team was given support from a fleet sent by General Sheer to capture the Administrator of the Chat: Vidmas7er. The team was given enhanced weapons for the mission, but they were still outnumbered deeply. After arriving in the astroid field that held the base, the resistance's fleet created a distraction and drew the Chat's attention elsewhere. Fox went for Vidmas7er, while DMR and STARS went for other vital things (Defenses and Power supply). During the firefight, he crushed the airlock outside of the HQ where Vidmas7er was, killing the guards in the hallway surrounding the HQ. He then landed his Arwing starfighter, and eventually opened the HQ doors. Once inside, he was met with hastily set up turrets and many elite guards. After dispatching these foes, he was met by an armored exoskeleton containing Vidmas7er. A huge firefight ensued, ending with Vidmas7er's defeat. He returned Vidmas7er to the teams Capital ship, only to be met by a huge fleet advancing on the team. A Supercarrier blocking the only safe exit outside of the asteroid field was boarded by DMR and Fox, and eventually destroyed with the Field Marshall's forces suffering casualties. The team narrowly escaped and handed Vidmas7er over to General Sheer's resistance for interrogation.  

Dangerous escape

Later on, the team was ambushed by bounty hunters and marooned on a planet, to be killed by the Chat. DMR and Fox were captured, while many of the teams new forces were killed. The captured members were sent to a prison for interrogation just as Fox escaped, and let DMR out of his prison cell as well. They stole booster frames allowing a speedy escape, and made it to their captured starfighters in a hanger. They flew away, but were forced to make a crash landing as the fighters were rigged to lose power at a high altitude. After they landed they were met by Darth HackingDog again, and a short fight began, with Team Heretic Dinofox only wielding their fists. The Combat Robot "ROB 64" swooped down and shot HackingDog square in the with ROB's starfighter. HackingDog only received minor injuries due to his shield strength, but was knocked unconsious. A chance to escape was made, and the members of the team finally escaped the unnamed prison world.  

The team regrouped at New Port Cache, a terraformed asteroid that is a hideout for Kig-Yar Pirates like Lord of the STARS, after STARS suggested the area for repairs. When there, Fox bought a ship very similar to the original Great Fox, and this advanced warship is capable of taking on entire fleets. After buying this new mothership that dwarfed the old one, the team were ready for major space warfare.  

The Sargasso space zone conflict

Weeks later, the team was briefed by General Sheers resistance on the appearance of the Administrator Forerunner. In the center of his Infinity Class Supercarrier, Forerunner was at the heart of the Chat's safety.  The team accepted the mission to kidnap Forerunner and destroy the Supercarrier, and waited for a solid day silently stalking the giant. Finally, DMR and STARS showed up in shuttles and boarded the Supercarrier. After a series of firefights, DMR nearly got Forerunner until he was met by the same person who doomed his parents, Hatsune Miku. DMR brutally engaged in a long fight against Miku, much against Fox's recommendations until DMR finally went for Forerunner. Injured, DMR captured Forerunner and nearly escaped until met once again by Miku. Meanwhile, STARS is setting explosives for the ship to blow, and Fox is taking on a squadron of advanced stealth gunboats in the hundreds. With the assistance of his fellow Kig-Yar, STARS wipes the area clean of Chat Troopers and Fox (with the assistance of the Great Fox) mops up the Gunships. DMR finally escaped from the exploding Supercarrier, leaving Miku to escape from some other way. After finally fleeing from the Supercarrier, Field Marshall's lieutenant This Ws Is Ours made an SOS signal from a nearby chat cruiser. DMR (while injured) set out to free Wars, but contact with Wars was lost soon after. Fox escorted DMR to the cruiser, until more stealth gunboats appeared right next to the Great Fox. Fox destroyed the threat, and landed in the cruiser. He was met by DMR and an unconscious Wars, then he proceeded to the Cruisers control center. When he arrived, he set the ship to self destruct when Timber Wolf appeared out of nowhere. Nearly being stabbed several times by Wolf's energy daggers, Fox finally escaped the exploding cruiser and made it back to the Great Fox. After returning, the Sanghelian Field Marshall provided cover fire as the Great Fox desperately escaped.

A new threat

A few weeks later, the Great Fox III was quietly docked in New Port Cache until an unexpected new enemy appeared and started wrecking havoc on the Asteroid colony. This new enemy was the Elite Remnant Legion.  Fox helped deal with this threat which was bombing New Port Cache, and encountered their leader "General B.H." on the Asteroids surface. After a standoff, Fox was shot in the shoulder, and many of BH's forces were killed. Fox spent a day in recovery, and after a day BH's forces returned in a space battle. DMR was nearly killed twice after forcefully being ejected from his starfighter, and after the Ultra 'Bepoy' engaged in hand to hand combat in space with him, DMR was nearly killed. Seeing his chance, DMR temporarily pushed the EVA Ultra away from him and Fox flew in to fire a Smart bomb right at Bepoy. Needless to say, Bepoy was vaporized from the blast, and the space battle continued.  Finally BH's forces pushed the Team's forces back to a near defeat, until a compromise was made. Hostilities still flared, but BH recognized the Chat as a large threat.  

Saurian Ceti IV crisis

A short amount of time later, a new mission came up. On the fourth planet of the Saurian Ceti IV system, a war between advanced and not advanced tribes begun, after the discovery of three relics. The relics purpose was to use the planets moons to fry the planet, and thus destroying any life above a single cell state. The relics were to activate the moons once before, after a corrupt government grew out of control, leading to the domination of the world and also the activation of this horror. The advanced and rather evil 'SharpYar' tribe planned on claiming all of the relics, so they could activate the moons. Ignorant of the moons actual purpose, they made a large conquest across their continent and waged war on the bordering EarthKig and CloudYanme'e tribes. The EarthKig finally made a very primitive SOS radio signal to the nearest space station, and help came. Fearing that the rebellion would accidentally allow the installation to fire, they contacted the team to snatch the relics and stop the fighting.  After DMR and Fox initially landed, they went to the EarthKig tribe. When they arrived, they were met by no one until DMR was knocked unconscious, and quickly followed by Fox being beaten too. Waking up to curious locals who are unknowing of the SOS signal sent previously, they eventually persuaded the locals to let them free, and give up their relic. The duo were met by General BH's Sangheili, while a mysterious foe was being fought by STARS and BH's forces above. The squad below on the surface quietly fought their way to the CloudYanme'e tribe, and when they arrived they were met by panicing locals. The locals told the team that they would give them their relic if they saved the Queen. After DMR sniped the guards in a nearby mountain that were protecting the hostage Queen, she returned home. Immediately afterwards, a SharpYar helicopter appeared and downed a shuttle carrying supplies and DMR's special forces Delta SEALS. Two of his SEALS survived, and the squad continued fighting.  Making their way back to the CloudYanme'e nation, the squad was met by General Scars of the SharpYar tribe and some surprise assistance from the Chat. The giant picked up Fox and held him by the neck, until Fox threw his 'Demon' class Sniper Rifle to DMR.  DMR shot and the beam hit Fox accidentally, but then went straight through the giant's head. The Chat was also driven back, leaving the battle to mostly be in the skies. The battle continued, and DMR was injured. Eventually, the battle was won with the Chat falling back and much of the SharpYar nation bombed. All three relics were recovered, and brought back to the Great Fox III for immediate decommission.

Fall of Yoth

Fox was stationed on Yoth when it fell, and helped transports take off by shooting down enemy aircraft in a Landmaster Tank. After this, he eventually left with one of the last transports before Gamma Base was remotely destroyed. Once in orbit, he used the Great Fox IIIs bridge to ram into an Emoticon class Corvette, and from there the ship managed to escape the Chat blockade.  

The Ambush at Gaeto

The Ambush at Gaeto was a brutal event that took place on the Planet with the same name. Fox fought with the Great Fox III for the entirety of the battle.

The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff

The hunt for Commander Heathcliff was an event that featured Fox, but like the Ambush at Gaeto, he was only fighting in space.

Battle of Eafth

Fox was involved in the battle of Eafth, providing backup support and eventually falling back to a shuttle in space, where he was captured by the Chat Loyalists "Imminent Victory". He eventually was rescued by Xytan 'Montrumai and escaped via shuttle. He was later accepted to land on Gaeto.

The Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII

Fox was the commanding officer on the Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII.

Following departure of Gaeto, Fox was requested to make his way to Resistance Space Base 0014, where he was briefed on a major Chat artifical hollow planet, producing "Ultra-Carriers" capable of destroying Tier 2 planets without backup of any kind. 

A fireteam was organized, and sent to the outskirts of the Unicorn Hydra system with a prototype mega-bomb in the prowler NR Goldeneye, captained by Captain Waits while being covered by the Resistance Heavy Cruiser NCC-1701X.   In an attempt to distract the orbiting fleets, 1701X engaged a light frigate before being ambushed by a much larger cloaked fleet, resulting in all hands lost.

Fox and his fireteam departed from the Goldeneye by cloaked shuttle, and descended into Unicorn Hydra VII, evading orbital scanners.  Once arriving, the fireteam ran into an abandoned city, and concluded that it was the event of a large nuclear blast.  The team then made their way to a base controlling traffic in and out of the hollow planet, hijacked the controls, and finally hijacked another dropship making their way into the planet.  

Once inside, the team split into two, with Fox, Lt. Nova Ramirez, and an improvised mega-bomb targeting the artificial star in the core of the planet, while Sgt. RTA fan, Corporal Ricardo Shillyshally, and PFC Lance Bishop targeting the Chat Frigate Grafton docked near the service platform.  After Ramirez was wounded by a senior Chat officer, he carried the bomb into a service elevator near the star.  Fox then escaped with RTA, Ricardo and Bishop in the Grafton, and was rescued by Captain Waits following the attack.


After over a year of running around the galaxy, doing various tasks for the Resistance and later the New Republic as well, Fox reunited with new team member Nikolai Pereshenko's carrier vessel, as well as Lord of the STARS fellow comrades to defend the DKI Stationary 5TARGAT3 from Raptor Pirates.  Soon following boarding the Pirates flagship, the now formed Battleforce Brave New World learned that Yoth was retaken by a Pirate empire.  

Retaking Yoth; Part 1

The Great Fox III (commanded by Fox) and Battleforce Brave New World arrived at Yoth, but underestimated the strengths the planet had accumulated.  After a brief space battle, the battleforce retreated to New Eden for repairs after sustaining severe damage, including a mutilated wing that had taken a Super MAC round.

Troubles on New Eden

STARS' HQ New Eden came under heavy fire from the Chat, and the GFIII arrived at a heavily crucial time, to provide further orbital support.  Fox gained suspicious of STARS' possession of a slipspace crystal, and then landed in his compound to investigate the place in hopes of finding the shard.  By the time he arrived however, STARS had left to assist elsewhere, and Fox couldn't find anything.  Eventually, the Kig-Yar confessed and all hostilities were dropped.  Following this, Fox departed from New Eden to assist with the later stages of the assault on Yoth.

Retaking Yoth; Part 2

After repairs, the Great Fox III, still carrying Fox as it's captain, departed for Yoth, and upon arrival, the Supercarrier collided with a Pirate Destroyer.  The GFIII destroyed the ship with a massive salvo of onagers, while itself taking heavy damage from the collision.  Immediately following this, the ship engaged a corvette, and captured an entire battlegroup of capital ships in the following hours.

Weapons and Vehicles

  • Modified Charge Shot blaster (CS T-25 DEP) (Aparoid Invasion through Galactic Chat War)
  • Arwing Starfighter (Lylat era)
  • Arwing II (Angler Blitz and Galactic Chat War)
  • "Demon" class Sniper rifles and Homing launchers. (Prototype during the Lylat era until the Galactic Chat War)
  • Great Fox I (small yet highly expensive assault carrier obtained by James McCloud, used from Venomian Lylat conflict to Aparoid Invasion)
  • Great Fox II (much weaker and smaller assault carrier used from after the Aparoid invasion until slipspace incident)
  • Great Human/Covenant Autumn Class Tactical Asteroid (Salvaged makeshift assault carrier originally used by the resistance, then used by Team Heretic Dinofox)
  • Great Fox III (Identical to the Great Fox I, however at least triple the size, allowing many more soldiers, including DMR4LIFE's Delta SEALS, some of STARS Kig-Yar pirates and many of Unnamed Field Marshall's private army. Also allows many more fighters, shuttles, and vehicles to be stored inside, and even a few small light frigates/heavy corvettes can be docked on the ships wings.  Used during the Galactic Chat War after the Great Human/Covenant Autumn Class Tactical Asteroid fell into great need of repair.)
  • Landmaster tank (Capable of shooting very powerful charge shots and even the much more powerful Smart Bombs.  One of the very few items used throughout Fox's entire combat experience)
  • Smart Bomb (A heavy ordanance bomb that fires more like a rocket then a bomb)