Forerunner in his combat suit

"He is one of the seven Admins and holds a lot of power. He is almost impossible to touch."

-Resistance's description of Forerunner 

Known History

Born somewhere in Sector B, Forerunner was born into a very militaristic culture and from a very young age, he was taught how to fight. However, he was never a fan of violence, seeing it as primitive and futile. Forerunner preferred to use his head and think his way out of problems. For this reason, he became very smart but also looked down on most people. He thought that those who could not match his intelligence were not worth his time and were beneath him.

Forerunner got his hands dirty in politics at the age of 18 and by the time of the Chat Civil War  he was already a Moderator in the Chat Nation. As the war started to drag on, Forerunner grew tired of the fighting and wanting to bring the war to an end. He kept pressuring the generals to move as fast as they could through the United Opedia  forces to get to Yavin V as soon as possible. This led to an increase in Chat Nation troop deaths, and even with this, Forerunner was not happy. By the time the Chat Nation had reached Yavin V, Forerunner was already making plans with the Chat Empire to help them gain more control of the government. After the war, Forerunner smeared the Chat Nation Admins, blaming them for the length of the war and its high death toll. In exchange for helping the Empire, when they won the 118th elections, Forerunner was made an Administrator

Battle Status

Forerunner was being held prisoner along with Vidmas7er on the ice planet of Yoth after he was captured during the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling . Before this, Forerunner was in charge of handling the public information distribution. His job had him twisting stories to always put the Chat Empire in a good light, and to make groups like Team Heretic Dinofox seem like terrorists. During the Fall of Yoth, the prison he was in was destroyed when the Chat attacked the planet. Dinofox and the Resistance made the choice to blow the place instead of let the Chat have him back, but Commander Heathcliff returned before the bases destruction and retrieved him along with Vidmas7er.

He was subject to torture from both DMR and Commander Heathcliff , he demanded he give over intel of Eafth and Knightmare or Heathcliff would use a NOVA bomb on Eafth. Fearing the death of millions, he told Heathcliff everything he knew but after the incident, Forerunner became defiant of Heathcliff. No matter how much he beat him or threatened him, Forerunner refused to give in, and did not help Heathcliff anymore. After a battle on Catoonie, Heathcliff made the choice to release Forerunner, along with Vidmas7er.  

Once he was brought back to Eafth, he was repatriated by the Chat, unlike Vidmas7er and Karl, who were sentenced to die. However, before that could happen, Team Heretic Dinofox attacked Earth during the Battle of Eafth. Forerunner was stationed in the capital building with Haloprov to prevent anyone from reaching Knightmare. However, he was injured in a fight with Jess and was taken away to get medical attention. He has remained behind the scenes this then, trying to help the Chat locate Republic strongholds without himself getting involved in combat.

Since then, he has been playing low key roles in Chat affairs, staying on Eafth and trying to help combat the New Galactic Republic.