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Battle of Havin IV Sector W Conflict

The Flood Troll Crisis was one of the first military actions taken by Team Heretic Dinofox.

Flood troll

Infection form

A Star rises

After the Battle of Havin IV the group made a deal with Lord of the STARS to join THDF, and the Kig-yar accepted. Later, he wanted to raid a Chat cargo ship for treasure, and was able to convince the group to help him. The mercenary DMR reminded him that he had allies now and he did not have to go at it alone, so they went together and captured the ship, taking the cargo it guarded onto Fox's ship. But they learned it was a trap, as the cargo it held was full of Flood infection forms intended by the Chat to kill them.

Realizing that the infection had to be contained at all costs, the entire cargo bay was vented, sending the Flood into the vacuum. The outbreak was presumably contained because THDF had not encountered the Flood since. However, since the flood was sent into space, it was never known what happened to it, or if the flood would ever return.


  • The crisis was the first appearance of the Lord of the Stars.


Flood Troll Jugg

A floodtroll juggernaut

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