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Slipspace Rift Incident (April, 2554) Battle of Havin IV

Koraulak, as viewed from it's moon.

The First Raid on Koraulak was a minor engagement at some point before the destruction of the Great Fox III; between the Mercenaries of said planet and the Chat Forces that were searching for the weapons cache. The raid lasted three days before the mercenaries surrendered, resulting in a Chat victory.

First Hours

Forerunner deployed two teams of Chat Snipers and a battalion of Chat Troopers, led by Haloprovto fight their way through a hostile zone to reach a warehouse that was suspected of being a chop-shop for Chat military weapons and armor. The Snipers took up positions on the Port Lafayette watchtowers and fire the first shot against the Mercenary Captains, who spent the first few hours trying to organize their men. The surprise attack allowed the Troopers to rush in and capture several strongpoints, while an advance squad secured the warehouse.

Chat Sniper in action

A Chat Sniper on the watchtower

The Siege on the Warehouse

The Mercenaries called for reinforcements and surrounded the warehouse, which was confirmed to be what was suspected, to force the Troopers into surrendering their arms. The Chat troopers refused and fought back, prolonging the siege for several days. The Mercs were surprised when their leadership started getting mysteriously cut off, until they received word that the infamous Chat Snipers were doing what they do best. Realizing that their numbers were decreasing, and would eventually result in a pyrrhic victory at best, the Mercs tried to pull out.

Massacre at Port LaFayette

The Mercenaries attempted to flee the station because a Chat Frigate had just jumped into system with reinforcements, but they were cut off from their ships when the Chat Troopers inside started to utilize the advanced weaponry against them. On the last day of the engagement, 70% of the Mercenary factions tried to lay down their arms and walk away, however the Haloprov refused to let them go for illegal weapons trafficking. When they ran, he ordered the Snipers to mow down about a hundred mercs, and the remaining ones were incarcerated and shipped off to various prisons. One of the ships transporting the captured mercenaries away was the Chat Frigate, Cleric's Redoubt.
Chat Sniper debute

The original Chat Sniper armor


  • Mercenary forces took significantly greater casualties
  • Several dozen merc groups were disbanded
  • Chat Forces gain control of the Port LaFayette Station
  • Mercenary presence on Koraulak diminished
  • Captured technology used to develop more advanced equipment for the Chat Snipers


  • This battle ignited the rift between the Mercenary Factions because half sided with the Chat while the others saw them as tyrants.
  • The Chat Snipers name gained infamy and respect after this conflict.
  • Cleric's Redoubt would later be the first Chat ship encountered by the Unnamed Field Marshall, although they did not engage in combat.