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The Fall of Yoth, or known by the Chat as Operation YOLO, was one of the largest engagements of the Galactic Chat War, pitting the Chat Empire against Team Heretic Dinofox and The Resistance on and above the ice planet of Yoth.


After the Chat had learned of Gamma Base from their Robotic Owl, they began planning for their assault. They gathered two whole fleets worth of ships, consisting of the Second and Third Fleet of Trolling. Combined, over 600 total warships were assembled to attack the planet and base. Knowing that both Forerunner and Vidmas7er were located in a prison on Yoth's moon; the planned called for a two phase attack. The first phase of the assault involved both fleets to attack the defense fleet, consisting of 200 warships and 6 orbital defense platforms. While they were distracting the defense fleet, a small task force was to attack the prison to free the prisoners. Once the defense fleet was destroyed, the Chat would move in and attack Gamma Base in the hopes of capturing both intel and personal. Over the next couple of days, some of the most gruesome combat would be witnessed. 

Prison assault and Space Battle of Yoth

Yoth space battle

Resistance ships taking heavy damage over Yoth's moon.

The 2nd Fleet, consisting of 250 warships, began the attack with addition 100 warships from the 3rd Fleet. The defense platforms starting firing at the smaller warships, like the Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyers. Using this to their advantage, the defense fleet started opening fire on the smaller vessels as well. Commander Heathcliff and Lord of the STARS decided to move in with a handful of warships, taking heavy fire. Their goal, get to the prison and make sure the prisoners were not freed by the Chat and to free about 50 POW's that had been taken on a nearby base close to the prison, or to kill the officer there to prevent information leaking. Half of the POW's were killed by the Chat forces to find the officer and Sinon, under Commander Heathcliff's command, killed the officer while he rescued the remaining POW's and set some charges to aid in the destruction of the base. When Commander Heathcliff was asked by Lord of the Stars about the men he sent in, Commander Heathcliff replied by stating that his men had died in the room before the POW's, and commented that it was a shame.

Fall of yoth, shield gone

Chat forces destroying the shield generator, leaving Gamma Base completely exposed.

Seals in prison

A group of SEALS check the flooded basement after the prison's water heaters were destroyed.

At that moment, word had reached Gamma Base that the prison was under attack. DMR and Jess McKathy took a hand full of Delta SEALS and made their way to the prison, unaware what had happened with Heathcliff and Sinon. When they broke through the planet's atmosphere, they were engulfed in the ranging space battle. Starships on both sides were covered in flames and some of them were even started drifting towards the planet. Radioing Heathcliff and getting nothing, DMR and the team decided to make their way to the prison and help secure all the friendly forces. However, they would have to make their way through the hailstorm of lasers and rockets. 

DMR's team came in hot and had to quickly leave their dropship so it was not shot down by the enemy. Taking heavy fire, they had lost contact with Heathcliff and were forced to fight there way into the prison. Unknown to the Team, Heathcliff had already left with the POWs and had left explosives at the base. Apon learning of this, DMR's team was forced to make a frantic fight back the LZ, while still engaging Chat forces. By the time their evac pelican had made it back, half of the Delta SEALS had been killed. Once the pelican left the prison, and contact was reestablished with Heathcliff and STARS, the prison was destroyed, killing any of the Chat troops who will still at the base.

Prison boom

The prison being destroyed.

Meanwhile, the fight in space was not going well for the defenders, as they were losing more ships then they could replace. In less then an hour, most of the defense fleet had been destroyed, with the Chat losing over 90 warships. What starships that were left under STARS control fled the system, leaving Yoth all but undefended. Heathcliff made the choice to leave Yoth for the moment and think of a new plan. DMR, fearing that he was just abandoning Fox and the rest of Gamma Base, pulled his gun out at Heathcliff, demanding to be brought back to Yoth. The two argued for a bit before Jess calmed down DMR and made him lower his gun. The new plan called for the rest of DMR's squad to head back to Gamma and prepare the base for evacuation. Heathcliff would use his Hecate to sneak around the Chat's fleet and place nuclear warheads to be used for when they would be leaving Yoth.   

Assault of Gamma Base

With the space above Yoth clear of resistance defenses, the Third fleet arrived in force and started
Hacking Yoth

Hackingdog leading troops on the assault.

escorting transports and materials down to the surface of Yoth. As the warships started hammering the base, Darth TheHackingDog lead assault on the base, with SWATminifigGUY providing sniper cover of the trenches. Soon, Gamma Base was under a full scale assault from both the ground and the air. Fox McCloud ordered that all sensitive data be destroyed and that the wounded by evacuated as soon as possible. To help keep the Chat at bay for as long as possible, DMR was dispatched with Jess, SEALS,and numerous Resistance soldiers to go and protect the shield generator.
Sheild generator

The shield generator, provides Gamma Base with over 80% of it's power.

As the team held their position at the generator, the Chat started to throw more and more at them. Soon, the team was caught between a rock and a hard place. While they had bought the base valuable time, they were completely surrounded and had little chance of escaping alive. In a gutsy call, Heathcliff ordered one of his pelicans to pick them up at all costs, and escorts were dispatched to protect the dropship. Though the team was able to escape, all the escorts and the shield generator were destroyed, leaving gamma base unpowered and almost completely unprotected. 

However, time was running out for the defenders. The Chat had started to discover Heathcliff's nukes and were pulling back to get out of their blast radius, although they could not escape the minefield Sinon had set up entirely. On the ground, evac shuttles could not escape enemy air attacks and the base was surrounded on all sides. Fearing they had only one chance, the plan was made to board the Hecate and leave the planet and system for good. All essential person got on board a long with a hand full of troops. Jess and a few others had to be forcibly brought onto the ship, demanding they stay and fight with their troops. The Hecate left the hanger as an orbital round from a chat cruiser blew it up, destroying it completely. Dodging enemy fire, they escaped the system, leaving over of half of the bases defenders to fend for themselves. Most kept on fighting but by night fall, the Chat had secured the base and planet. Yoth had finally fallen, and the Chat Empire held dealt a big blow to The Resistance and Heretic Dinofox's combat capabilities.
After yoth, surrender

Resistance troops surrendering after the battle.

At the end, before the Chat could claim final victory, Commander Heathcliff set off one last nuclear device, buried at the bottom of the base with 50 Gigatons of power, destroying all data, structures, personnel, and enemy soldiers within a 150 kilometer radius. This also sadly killed thousands and thousands of unfortunate Resistance prisoners who were still within the blast radius. 


  • The Fall of Yoth is a parody of the Fall of Hoth in Star Wars.
  • This battle was the first appearance of Commander Heathcliff.


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