Chat corvette

Emoticon class Corvette, the typical anti-air star ship of the Chat Empire.

The Emoticon-class Corvette is a light Corvette commonly used to intercept starfighters, and very rarely used for it's speed.   


Mostly used to fight against lightly shielding starships, star fighters, shuttles, and other smaller vessels, corvettes form the outer preimeter of star fleets. They are usually armed with 20 auto anti-air batteries, 4 heavy laser cannons, and 1 mini-trololol laser. These ships have no hangers and minimal shields but they are very fast and can flank star ships with ease. Larger vessels are known even carry some corvettes on them to unleash onto their enemies. It measures in at a quite small .1 km, or the length of a Lich.

It is commonly used as a scout craft in a fleet engagement, and serves as a prowler to a fleet.


Seen in almost any naval engagement the Chat Empire gets invovled in, these starships are battle proven to be killers. Notable battles include Raid on the Sixth Fleet of TrollingNew Naboo RevoltSaurian Ceti IV crisisBattle of Havin IV, and many more.