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Elite Remnant Legion
Allegiance:  Independant (formerly), Resistance /Heretic Dinofox (Temporarily)


Covenant, Plasma based


Second in Command

General B.H


The Elite Remnant Legion is an army in the Team Heretic Dinofox universe. The faction discovered Heretic Dinofox and was ruthlessly searching for these 'Heretics'. Rumor has it that they may have also been after the hefty bounties over Dinofox's heads. Most of their forces look like covenant with basic covenant armor.

After a battle turned into a stalemate on New Port Cache, the Remnant decided to join Heretic Dinofox in order to defeat the Chat. However, after the Saurian Ceti IV crisis, the team went dark and, disappeared almost as fast as they appeared.

When the Mandalorian Menace revealed itself, the remnant were at ground zero of the attack. The defended the planet of Tougonia during the Battle of Tougonia.

They would arrive at Beta Maximus 35b and New Eden to defend more planets from Mandalorian invasion.

Known Members

Military capacity

It should be noted that the Elite Remnant Legion can replenish its losses with new recruits. It is unknown where these recruits come from their Remnant allies (they are not allies with all Remnant fractions though) but they are arriving at a steady pace.



Remnant dinofox

The Remnant discussing their next battle plans.

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