Eafth, with no defense fleet (pre-Chat Empire)

Eafth is home to the Chat Empire and is the center of thier political power. It was also the birthplace of Jess McKathy


The temperature can range anywhere from -5 to 50 degrees celsius, filling the planet with forests, deserts, ice plains, and cities. Metropolises stretch across the planet, and billions call this planet home. The once lush planet full of nature has now been pushed to the side to make room for the growing population. Depending on where you are on the planet, it can either rain a lot or not at all, snow can cover the ground, or the sun can shine high all year long. The capital city, called Omega, is home to the Chat Empire's main government and military bodies. A huge fleet and millions of armed troops protect this planet from any outside threat. 

It is located in the Troll quadrant of the galaxy, which is protected from practically any kind of assault, due to planetary shield generators, atmospheric cannons, and a half dozen fleets guarding it.

It is in the same system as Whoopiter.

Commander Heathcliff would use his ship to bomb the city of Omega during one of the first phases of a plan to which would lead to Team Heretic Dinofox hunting him down. 

This planet would also be the location for the start of The Chat Schism, with the Battle of Eafth and Operation Black Eagle taking place on Eafth as well.