The Devil Launcher is an incredibly powerful one hit kill weapon used by Fox McCloud. The weapon can easily destroy the most durable of all tanks, including the Landmaster Tank. The weapon has also been remanufactured by the Resistance, though the Civilian Militia and even Mercenaries have found the modified version on the black market.


The Devil Launcher


Very large, yellow and immensely powerful, the Devil Launcher is capable of denting the largest of vehicles. It's power has restricted its use until after the Angler Blitz. Even afterwards, the launcher could only be found under feasable conditions in a simulator. It fires a deadly orb of pure energy that detonates after a short amount of time; the projectile can burn through armor.


The Weapon has been used by Fox McCloud on multiple occasions, but it's use has been restricted due to it's operational costs. Most commonly seen in simulations against other members of Star Fox; but a few of these weapons were recovered after the Slipspace Rift Incident.


  • Very high damage
  • Very large blast radius
  • Timed explosion can allow for penetration through armor
  • Plasma allows for longer range than a normal launcher of that size would have
  • durable


  • Very expensive
  • Less than 10 present in THDF universe
  • Timed explosion may cause miscalculations
  • Not feasible to use in close or medium quarters combat
  • Very large