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The rifle.

Used by Fox McCloud, the Demon Sniper Rifle serves as a long ranged energy based incineration rifle, and a precursor to the Demon-class weapons. 

Characteristics and History

The Demon Class sniper rifle is a rather compact, but incredibly powerful weapon used briefly as a prototype by the Cornerian Army. By the time of the Galactic Chat War the rifle was somewhat commonly used by the elite forces of the Army (e.g. Star Fox). A few of these special weapons survived the slip-space rift incident and still are carried alongside Fox. While it has impressive stopping power, the shorter barrel means it lacks the range of other rifles. 


  • Accurate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fires shards of light, which cause burns and melt armor.
  • Built in scope.
  • Very high mobility due to small size.


  • Shorter range than most snipers due to short barrel.
  • Not very durable.
  • Less effective against energy shielding.
  • Low stopping power due to firing beams of light.
  • No rails for accessories.


  • Fox's teammates have mistaken the rifle for firing projectiles instead of beams of light.
  • The rifle is commonly mistaken as being a 'Devil Sniper Rifle', while the rifles counterpart Devil Launcher uses that name.
  • DMR used this rifle to kill General Scars during the Saurian Ceti IV crisis.