Seal sniper

A lone Delta SEAL about to eliminate his target.

A wonderful combination of assassins and regular troops, they are some of the deadliest soldiers money can buy.


One of the the galaxies oldest mercenary groups, the Delta SEAL's have been around for a few thousand years. Doing people's dirty work, they are regarded as professional and well-trained. They are notorious 
Delta seal, mark v

Delta SEALS in mark V Mandalorian Combat Armor.

for helping the United Opedia during The Chat Civil War. SEAL's did everything from assassinations, intelligence gathering, and even front-line combat. They made a name for themselves by excelling at their assignments and very rarely failing to complete a mission. However, the Chat Nation won the war and made it a mission to bring down this group. The Chat Empire kept up this trend and within a decade most of the Delta SEALS had been killed. 

Current Status

Since the Chat killed most of their messengers and leaders once they took over, the Delta SEAL's, though still deadly, are a shell of their former self. Their current leader is Jess McKathy, though she is still new to the position. DMR, seeing an opportunity, convinced them to join Team Heretic Dinofox as shock troopers; this was before Jess came into control. With their help, Dinofox is now able to field more troops to help in their fight with the Chat Empire. Though they do work for Heretic Dinofox, they report directly to DMR and will only carry out orders if he has given them a green light. This has created the unique situation where the SEAL's have two leaders, DMR and Jess. Though they are not the best soldiers, they can still get the job done and are very loyal to their new team. They often use The Hecate and the specially modified pelicans onboard The Hecate to complete missions that require more stealth and less firepower. However, after recent events, they have left behind The Hecate and now form the main body of Dinofox troops along with XD droids.

They were headquartered on the small mining world of Kastafar, and keep a large chunk of their personnel on the planet. For all that though, Kastafar was attacked by the Chat forces, led by Haloprov, Spartan A-118, and SWATminifigGUY. Very few SEALS survived the attack but reports indicate the SEALS killed about six soldiers for every one they lost. Not all the SEALS were killed, as some were off world at the time while others were just able to escape the planet after the Chat had destroyed the base. This did not stop them from fighting, but turned them into freelancers as their leader was still missing, though once she was rescued, she was put back in charge informally. 

Two would appear during the Counter Attack on Beta Maximus 35b, as they were stationed on the planet long before the attack on Kastafar.


  • The Delta SEALS are a combination of Halo's ODSTs and Ghosts from Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Series
  • They are the equivalent of the Tacit Ronin unit.