One of the more advanced fighters used by the Chat Empire, this is the standard fighter pilots of the Chat Empire use. 

DIE fighter

The DIE Fighter, in all its glory.


With the ability to go up to mach 1.8, the Chat Empire's DIE Fighters are one of the fastest mass produced fighters ever created. Packing duel heavy plasma cannons and one plasma torpedo luancher, it can take down even the most heavily shielded fighters in just a few seconds. Packing heavy armor plating of its own, the only downsides to this star fighter are its cost as a standard issue fighter, its shields are not too tough to get through, and it requires a lot of time to train pilots to effectively use this spacecraft. The Chat's Armed Forces use this as their main star fighter in most of their engagements. 

It also has a stronger version known as the DIE Interceptor, though since it is more expensive, the DIE Fighter gets more use.