Commander Heathcliff, one of the last Indusian humans, is a veteran warrior that is reputed to be one of the deadliest fighters in the universe. As a result, he is also one of the Chat Empire's most wanted fugitives.

He was briefly a commander in the The Resistance, aiding Team Heretic Dinofox. He had a very stoic and calm personality, likely from the many years on the battlefield.


While no one knew his precise age, Commander Heathcliff looks as though he is somewhere in his thirties, although this was proven false when he told everyone he was once a soldier of the Chat Nation, bring his age closer to the fifties. A soldier at heart, he has been fighting with no one's cause but his own for many years, on his own agenda. He was a part of the Resistance, he was aiding Team Heretic Dinofox for reasons only he knew. He has fought in more battles than some see in their whole lifetimes, with something driving him to never give up that has perplexed his comrades for years. He went rogue with Vidmas7er and Forerunner captive, and also took DMR captive later.

He has been known to be with his one true comrade that has never died or been left behind, Sinon, one of the greatest snipers that no one has ever heard of, this is of course what they want. She has been with Commander Heathcliff for years, trying to help him achieve his goal, whatever that may have been.

He was referring to a promise repeatedly while with DMR and while speaking with Vidmas7er, although nobody knew what the promise was except he and Sinon at the time. This was later shown to be a promise he made to his sister, Sasha, who was killed and made into "Hatsune Miku"

Armor/ Weaponry

His armor and shield are comprised of the artificially strengthened Ti-A3, one of the strongest titanium alloys in existence, it is made to be almost impossible to destroy. The armor is colored primarily in red with white highlights, and has a long wool cloak on the back. His sword is sheathed into the tower shield and they are collectively known as Liberator. The armor and sword also have an outer layering of adamantium, making them near unbreakable, although the layer is rather thin. His battle skills are very interesting considering he does not carry any sort of weapon other than his sword, although his lethality is not to be underestimated because of this. His reflexes are unbelievably quick, and is almost always able to predict where someone will shoot.

While not in battle attire, which is not often, Commander Heathcliff is wearing long red robes with white highlights similar to his armor. the only thing special about them is that they were made of a material that makes them stronger than even the best kevlar.

Although it does make sense to a certain extent, and while it was not widely known until Commander Heathcliff joined the resistance officially, Commander Heathcliff has a special forerunner shield module that will shield him from harm, to an extent. The main reason he got it was due to Sinon's insistence, since his armor cannot protect him forever, although, neither can the shield.


Commander Heathcliff's personality is one of intrigue and perplexity. While he has seen countless battles, killed countless people, and seen many comrades die in the line of duty, he has not seemed to change or even really be affected. Most believe this is because he does not really care, he is trying to get to the end of his personal quest, whatever that may be.

He speaks rather rarely, but when he does, he speaks in a very calm and concise manner and he has a rather deep voice. He never screams in battle or gets frustrated and seems to have lost the part of him that could do so. Commander Heathcliff rarely laughs, and when he does it is usually at some dry remark made by Sinon. This was primarily a ruse, as shown as he was very injured during an attack, he began to talk with obscenities and became rather irrational.

As Team Heretic Dinofox interacted with him more however, it has been seen that this is more of an "act" compared to how he actually is, considering most people he was with he was with only about a week, except the Team.

Battle Of Gaeto

Commander Heathcliff was injured at the The Ambush at Gaeto from a sniper rifle shot in the shoulder. He then left with DMR supposedly to go find Hatsune Miku after refusing to hand over Vidmas7er and Forerunner. He decided to attempt to bomb Eafth after it was supposed to be EMP'ed by a NOVA bomb. Karl and Ultra Force stopped the detonation and prepared to trap Commander Heathcliff and kill him. As Heathcliff left Gaeto while disobeying Fox's orders, leading to them trying to hunt down Commander Heathcliff.

Commander Heathcliff jumped in between Mercury and SOLEL, the star closest to Eafth. He then was attacked and the shields were taken out on The Hecate, but he used a slipspace jump to go into the atmosphere of Eafth, and attempted to detonate tactical nuclear weapons at target cities, however the weapons were detonated by enemy systems, causing minimal damage done to Eafth and the population. The Hecate was then heavily damaged by getting hit by the artillery of many Eafth defense ships. The ship then warped away, and DMR decided to try to leave and find Hatsune Miku on his own. Commander Heathcliff then arrested DMR for "treason" against a commanding officer.

The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff

Commander Heathcliff then decided to jump to at the time an unknown location, which was revealed to be Epsilon Indus. He had dinner with Vidmas7er which was cut short by DMR attempting to escape during the transit to Epsilon Indus. After they arrived to Epsilon Indus, Commander Heathcliff explained to DMR, Forerunner, and Vidmas7er that this was his home, and he was once part of the Chat Nation as a low ranking soldier before The Chat Civil War officially began. He told them that he had been there when the planet was bombed, and how he found out his family was killed by the bombings, and his sister was taken from him.

He then admitted that Hatsune Miku was his sister and after 50 years, he wanted her back and to kill Knightmare, the man who took her from him. Then, while he told them this, he spoke into a communication systems and spoke the code "Alpha, Beta, Omega" and someone went and met them after they had descended into an underground compound. The person was Andare, which was Sinon and Commander Heathcliff's daughter.

While he was doing this, Karl and Fox fought, and Karl allied himself with fox in order to bring Commander Heathcliff to justice and get his admins back. As they allied, they journeyed to the Epsilon Indus system and made Commander Heathcliff preform an underground slipspace jump to escape from them, destroying the base which Andare had lived at and destroying the base of The Hecate. DMR would have died in the explosion and following implosion, had Commander Heathcliff not given explicit orders to some androids to take DMR outside of the blast radius.

As he left Epsilon Indus, he planned to go to where Hatsune Miku was last located, Catoonie. He planned on killing Knightmare and trying to save his sister. When his ship arrived, he remained cloaked, and saw several ships there. He went into a orbital drop pod, and told Sinon to move the ship away from the drop location so it could not be fired upon after he left. while the drop pod was falling, Commander Heathcliff pulled open the Hatch and jumped out about two kilometers above the surface. he landed, with minor injuries, and continued on his trek. From the beginning, he had set this all up to be a trap. When he landed, he created a hardlight hologram, and it carried out specific instructions that Commander Heathcliff had set it up to do. 

When Commander Heathcliff came to where Hatsune Miku was, he saw not only Knightmare was there, but also Karl, and most of Team Heretic Dinofox. Fox tried to get Commander Heathcliff to surrender immediately, but was shot down by the PGM Hecate the Hologram had with it. The gun was promptly shot into disrepair by DMR. and with this, Commander Heathcliff had a long-winded talk with Karl before running past him as a distraction and towards Knightmare and Hatsune Miku. He was then promptly taken down and shot with Hatsune Miku's shotgun point-blank range. As the hologram disappeared, the real Commander Heathcliff attacked Knightmare and severely wounded him, causing Knightmare to utter a code that destroyed Hatsune Miku. After this, everyone began to close in on Commander Heathcliff's position. His camouflage damaged, Commander Heathcliff called down the robotic guards aboard the Hecate in drop pods, but half of the pods were shot down before they got there. As they were only basic combat droids, they were killed very quickly, but provided Commander Heathcliff the opportunity to hop in one of the pods, and activate a portable Slipspace generator, and escape to the ship.

When he got back onto the ship, Ral, the ship AI, told the Commander that he needed to go the medical bay. before that, Commander Heathcliff told Sinon what had happened to Hatsune Miku, but also told her she was missing something on her neck, which meant it was not really Sasha. With a final conversation with Vidmas7er and Forerunner, Commander Heathcliff decided to let them go at Eafth, deciding he had dealt with enough trouble for them. This made Vidmas7er extremely happy, but they still had to stay in their prison cells until they arrived at Eafth.

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