Chat squad firing

A Chat Trooper Squad in combat.

Chat Troopers are the grunts of the Chat Empire.


Chat Troopers are usually drafted into service, disciplined, and deadly. Even though their numbers make typical individual Chat Troopers not too effective, when they are in squads, even small amounts of them can be devastating against more numerous opponent.  

Chat Troopers are the backbone of the Chat Military. Those candidates who make it through the grueling basic training are submitted to an intensive psychological program that renders them fearless, disciplined, and unrelenting. Outfitted with specially designed and retro-fitted armor, these soldiers function with determined precision and practiced teamwork.

The first to rush into a fight, Chat troopers often work in tandem with more powerful units or artillery. They make strategic use of this scenario, keeping their opponents occupied until it is too late to react to the combined Chat force bearing down on them. Their typical strategy involves blitzkrieg tactics; overwhelming the enemy while their artillery sets up. They will also flank their enemy, to ensure they cannot esscape. They then pull a tactical retreat, luring the enemy towards them before the artillery lays waste to the hostile forces. Troopers use the most effective and streamlined weapons that allow them to put forth the deadliest weapons while not draining the economy, benefitting the Chat Empire on multiple levels. 


Many different units sizes and ranks are used by the Chat Troopers.

Fireteams consist of 4-6 men, lead by a Corporal. Corporals are denoted by black pauldrons.

A Squad consists of 2-3 fireteams (8-12 men total), lead by a Sergeants. Sergeants wear white pauldrons.

A Platoon is made from 3-4 squads (36 men total). It is lead by a Lieutenant with an red pauldron.

Companies have 4 platoons (144 men total) and are lead by a Captain with an orange pauldron.

Battalions have 8 Companies and a Support/Command HQ (About 1000 Men total) and are lead by a Commander or Major. (Commanders lead from the front in full armor, while Majors generally sit behind a desk and are more politically motivated.)

Legions are 2 Battalions (2000 Men total) and are lead by a Commander or higher. Legions are not standard chat military units, and are normally utilized by more elite Chat Trooper divisions, and Special Forces such as the 5th Legion. Moderators often have personal Legions customized to their liking.

Brigades or Divisions are 3 - 5 Battalions (3000-6000 Men total), lead by a Colonel and Lt. Colonel.

Corps are any number of units exceeding 5 Battalions, and are usually lead by a General. A Corps is more than enough to defend most Chat worlds, although those that are considered more important or a torn by warfare will often have more than one.

Typical Armaments

Notable Conflicts

Notable Individuals

Denal Wedge - A Chat Trooper Corporal. He was aboard the SS Arno on vacation when it was raided by Xenomorphs. He contacted the Chat Fleet, and evac teams were sent to rescue civilian survivors. Later, he participated in the Second Battle of Yoth.