Chat Star

The Chat Star; notice the dimple in it's upper hemisphere. That is its troll laser.

The Chat Star was a horrifically powerful weapon used by the Chat Empire that could destroy planets, using it's "trololololol" laser.


A very short lived horror of the galaxy, the Chat Star was a battle station finished only months before the Battle of Havin IV. It destroyed the major yet peaceful insurrectionist planet Lawlderan with its supermassive trololololol laser. After the Team assembled only a little before a week of the disaster, and then they regrouped at Havin IV. The Chat Star and her defense fleet followed the Team and fleeing surviving resistance fleets to Havin IV, where a showdown happened


The Chat's fleets arrived first, and discovered another insurrectionist planet, Havin IV. The resistance was beat back, and the entire planet was surrounded. The Chat Star arrived next to the gas giant 'Havin' and began an orbit around the gas giant. While it was closing in around Havin, and only hours away from being in range to fire on Havin IV, Team Heretic Dinofox and a massive squadron of the resistance's best starfighters squeezed past the fleet that was holding the entire planet hostage. They made their way to the Chat Star, and faced heavy defenses ending with most of the squadron being destroyed. The planned attack was going to be on a two meter wide ventral port, where the starfighters would concentrate all of their firepower into one beam that would shoot down into the heart of the Chat Star. The plan failed when most of the "salvo squadron" was destroyed, leaving Fox from the Heretic Dinofox team to be the last one with an answer; a smart-bomb. He made his way to the vent, and was followed by a swarm of Chat Fighters. In the heart of the swarm was Darth TheHackingDog, and the entire swarm attempted to unleash a massive volley of comment lasers at Fox, until the bounty hunter DarkLumiya flew in last second to fire a bomb into the swarm, causing a panic leaving most of the ships destroyed. Darth HackingDog's ship was clipped and forced out into space; later recovered by the Chat's fleet. Fox finally fired his Smart Bomb into the vent, destroying the Chat Star.  


The event was not a victory however, whatever Chat vessels survived the explosion of the Chat Star bombed the major cities of Havin IV, leaving much of the planet barren with major ground casualties. The Team, General SheerAvenger777, and the majority of The Resistance fleet managed to escape the bombing; but Havin IV was lost for good.


Chat star

The Hologram of the Chat Star discovered by Saber.

During the New Galactic Republic's attack on the planet of New HavenMadam Celestial Saber decrypted Chat military files and discovered the Chat Empire had constructed another one.