Chat sniper

A Chat Sniper at the top floor of a skyscraper

The Chat Sniper is a support unit in the Chat Military. They are provided with training superior to most branches of the Chat Empire.


Chat Snipers carry long-ranged weaponry into combat, and provide support for their various comrades. A suit of high-tech scanning equipment allows the sniper to be adept at maintaining cover, meaning a Chat Sniper is usually spotted only after opening fire. Implants added to the dominant eye allow the sniper to increase their accuracy by almost sixty percent. However, this implant is only put in once their cadets pass a three year training program. The green targeting laser they use is their signature mark of death.

Chat Snipers travel in elite units ranging from two to six personnel. They were deployed when a game-changer is necessary, or simply to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. 

Typical armaments

Known conflicts