Chat ranger

A trio of Chat Rangers.

Chat Rangers are elite, front-line troops that perform high risk missions. Due to recent losses in funding, the Chat Empire has diverted most funding from the ranger corps toward standard Chat Troopers in order to maximize the quantity of troops on the field. 


When the Chat Empire needs a group of highly trained soldiers to complete a high risk operation, the Rangers are brought in to do the job. They usually work in small groups though they can work well with other members of the Chat Armed Forces, namely Chat Shock Troopers. Rangers will spearhead operations, retrieve high value targets and intel, and fight as infantry grunts when needed. Along with the standard Chat weapons, they also make use of Combat Shields when they need mobile cover. New cadets must pass a rigorous mental and physical test, with a nearly 60% dropout rate over the course of the eighteen month training period. Chat Troopers with at least two years of experience or graduates of a military academy are allowed to tryout for the Rangers. While not has highly trained as shock troopers, they are still experienced soldiers who cannot be overlooked. 

The Republic Sentinel member Megan used to be a Chat Ranger before she left to join the New Galactic Republic.

Known battles


Ranger shield

A lone Chat Ranger with a combat shield.

Ranger empire

Another group of Rangers.