Nation cost of arms

Chat Nation coat of arms.

"We hold true to the belief that everyone is the maker of their own destiny."

History and War

Protecting and serving their people from the 1st election all the way up until the 118th election, this system of government was favored by most people for a long time. Every seven years, their citizens voted for the who they wanted to lead their government. There were main seven head officials, known as Admins, who where the most powerful heads of the government. There were also lower Admins and ever Moderators who held power and helped the government in times of need. People here had rights, but the government would do things behind the sences, like having secret police, who were use to take care of problems the government did not want to go public. For more than three hundred years they were the ruling party and there were few major conflicts, with most fights being just between planets. For this reason, the Chat Nation did not have a large army or navy. However, all of that changed after the 117th elections. 

Chat nation trooper

A Chat Nation soldiers during the Civil war.

When a close election led to disputed votes, a portion of the galaxy formed their own government, called the United Opedia. Hoping to keep the casualties low, the Chat sent a small force to the Opedia home world of Yavin V. What they didn't expect was for the United Opedia to fight back. With the Chat Nation woefully unprepared for a war on this scale, they immediately called for a military draft and the Admins decided to suspend the elections until they could take down the United Opedia. The next ten years of fighting would become known as the The Chat Civil War, in which the Chat Nation would win but at a heavy cost. 

118th elections

After the war, the Chat's citizens had grown distrustful of their government. They had slaughtered millions in their quest to try and reunify the galaxy. While the Chat did succeed in legally unifying the galaxy again, the war had left a bad taste in most people's mouths. The Chat Nation did try to reassure the public they were the right people for the job, the 118th elections proved otherwise. Their citizens voted for the Chat Empire instead, who offered their people lasting peace and assured them that this government would have the tools needed to protect their people from harm. With that, the ear of the Nation ended with the regime of the Empire beginning.