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The Chat Invasion of New Eden was an event that occurred after the slip-space incident in which the the Fallen were brought into the THDF Universe and subsequently shot down. The belligerents included the Chat Empire, the House of the Damned, the Guardians of Eden and the Resistance.


Before the Chat began the invasion, the House of Order's Ketch entered the THDF universe via a slip-space incident. After entering New Eden's atmosphere, the Ketch entered a brief conflict with the native population and were shot out of the sky. Most of the Ketch's crew and passengers were evacuated from the ships in skiffs, the Fallen's ground forces were separated from each other.

Fallen on the Defensive

The Chat attacked a Fallen base of operations and managed to critically wound Tuma, putting the beloved Elinski in a coma and shaking the House of the Damned to its core.

Siege of Paradiso

The enemy is at the gates. The question is life and death.

The Chat tried to shell the Kig-Yar into submission.

The Chat, using the Fallen's arrival as a distraction, launched an attack on the city of Paradiso. They were able to take most of the suburbs quickly, gaining momentum as they overwhelmed the Guardians of Eden. In dire straits, the Lord of the STARS entered his mechanical exosuit and single-handedly held back an entire bottle-necked Chat army.

With their spearhead's halted, the Chat resorted to shelling the city into submission.

Gunboat Diplomacy

Five hours after the Chat were halted at the gates of Paradiso, Nikolai Pereshenko, Stonewall, and Baron Fortunato notified the Lord of the Stars of their recent arrival on New Eden. Although Nikolai had just learned that he had been hallucinating for over a year, he agreed to help broker a truce between the Guardians of Eden and the new alien arrivals.

Before the three soldiers could enter the crashed ship, they had to get past the Chat AA batteries. Nikolai remembered that, as a guerrilla, he would disguise himself as a humanitarian aid worker to get past UNSC patrols. He modified that tactic by painting a UD77-Pelican with a red cross to symbolize a humanitarian mission and stripped the ship of its guns and ammo. After the three soldiers make it safely across the battlefield and exited their dropship, they were met by the Fallen delegation.

Nikolai persuaded the wary Fallen to board a foreign Pelican to go to a neutral zone to which they agreed. Tensions flared between Stonewall and Netkak during the ride and a brawl ensued. Netkak cut her lip and Stonewall broke his back but they had ceased fighting by the time they landed. When both delegations did land they were greeted by the Lord of the STARS who invited everybody to a feast. Stonewall and Tuma were taken away to be treated for their injuries. Although the Elinski took much convincing they were persuaded to feast with the Kig-yar and humans much to Netkak's chagrin.

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