Chat Empire

The Chat Empire coat of arms.

 "True freedom comes from true peace."

118th Elections 

After the bloody events of The Chat Civil War, those in the Chat Nation hoped they could return to the old times. However, the people soon learned that their government had gone to great lengths to "win" the war, even as far as massacring civilians. They felt that the Nation could no longer effectively protect them and most people starting look at other political parties for guidance. An up and coming party, known as the Chat Empire, was taking the political scene by storm, offering peace throughout the galaxy. The Chat Empire blamed the old government for betraying its people and vowed to make things right. When the 118th elections rolled by, the Chat Empire blew all the other parties out of the water and became the new governing body for the entire system. Eleven new Admins were picked; ForerunnerUltra Force, Sgt D Grif, Vidmas7erKarlBravadostock, GodzillaMaster, T3CHNOCIDE, Wilc0, Zeta, and Haloprov. New Moderators were also elected, notable ones including, KnightmareHatsune MikuHackingDogSWAT, and Spartan A-118.

Under a New Rule

The first new laws of the Chat Empire included getting rid of the old constitution and creating a new one. The new constitution removed most the the freedoms people had enjoyed for the past 100 years; though the Empire claimed this was to ensure peace. They believed that by controlling everything and everyone, they could monitor people and strike back fast and hard to any "threats" against them. Liberties such as freedom of speech, expression, the right to a fair trial, right to privacy, and many more were suspended and replaced with new laws limiting people's rights. The Empire also sought to expand the size of the Armed Forces and maintaining a large space fleet.
Naboo revolt

The Chat loves using orbital bombardments.

However, as time went one, people started to fear this new, oppressive government. While they continued to hold elections every seven years, the same people always won and some were starting to suspect the Chat was rigging the elections. While some people just did not like the new government, others like John and Jessica Alshwind were more outspoken about their dislike of the Chat Empire. 

Chat troopers

Chat Troopers.

Before more planets could speak out against them, the Chat sacked planets like New Naboo and had little tolerance for those who were not with the Chat. For the Chat Empire, it was a very simple rule, "Join or Die". Planets, and even entire systems could either join the Chat, or they would unleash their vicious wraith on those who thought otherwise. This made it a lot easier to quell rebellions, for the most part.

A New War

Empiring meeting

A Chat Admin meeting declaring war on the "terrorist" groups.

The Chat assumed that if enough planets feared them, the galaxy would finally be at peace with one central governing body. But, what happened next would plunge the entire system, and many others into all out war. The Resistance, they called themselves, came seemingly out of no where and before the Chat knew it, their transports were being robbed, their armed personal killed, and fear was stricken into the eyes of their citizens. While the Chat Empire thought they could use their superior numbers and technology to defeat this new resistance, the Chat could never capture their leaders, General SheerAvenger777 and Commander Heathcliff, who always seemed to slip right through the Chat's hands. The decision was made to declare all out war, so the Chat could throw everything they had at the enemy with no restrictions attached. Their Admins got together, and declared war, officially starting the Galactic Chat War. What the Chat did not know, was that a new group would soon help the Resistance in their efforts to defeat the Chat Empire. Their name was Team Heretic Dinofox.

Galactic Chat War

The conflict cost the lives of millions and millions of people, and left the entire galaxy in a state of fear and on high tensions. Most planets and governments supported the Chat, though it was unsure if it was out of fear or the same ideologic views. Other planets remained neutral to the conflict, and those this planets
Chat was main pic

A fight between The Chat and Heretic Dinofox and the Resistance.

inadvertently were home to some of the more intense fighting. The Chat Empire relied on brute force and public support while groups like Dinofox and The Resistance used their passion for true freedom to fight. Some of the most notable battles include the Battle of Havin IVFirst Raid on KoraulakRaid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling, and Fall of Yoth. And while the Chat had a higher kill/death ratio for most of the war, they failed to significantly hurt the leadership of either of the groups. There were even been battles where the Chat was routed by Dinofox and The Resistance, though they were few and far between. 

Chat Schism

However, after the events of the hunt for Commander Heathcliff, a new war broke out when infighting occurred on Eafth. Facing the punishment of death for conspiring with the enemy, Karl decided to release classified intelligence detailing the Chat's war crimes. Do to Karl releasing sensitive information about the Chat, riots broke out as the population wanted to over throw their government. The Chat was forced to use deadly force on the protesters and the situation only got worse, leading to The Chat Schism. A new war was born, between the remnants of the Chat Empire and faction called the New Galactic Republic, which was made up of ex-Admins, ex-Chat troops, and what was left of Dinofox and the Resistance. 

Militia plan attack

Civilian Militia plan their next attack during the Battle of Eafth.

The first major
 battle would take place on Eafth, involving all major parties as the Chat's home world tore its self apart. Above and on the planet, intense fights broke out as both parties vied for control of Eafth. However, after fighting for almost five straight days, the Chat was still able to regain control of Eafth, but their defense fleet had payed dearly, forcing the Chat to pull battle groups from other parts of the galaxy to ensure Eafth could not be lost.

Karl took his remaining forces back to Gaeto, since he had a firm control of the planet. Knowing he would need help if he was to defeat the Chat, Karl held a delegation on the planet, with the intent of forming a united cause to fight against the Chat. For all that, the delegation hit a road bump when hired guns successfully bombed the delegation and kidnapped Jess McKathy. Now a combined team is coming together to try and bring her back home, safely.

Knightmare head

Knightmare appearing to the Republic forces.

She would be saved by DMR during a daring, solo operation to bring her back safely. The next few battles would prove to critically hurt the Chat's war effort, as Bravadostock and Spartan A-118 would both be killed during a fight on Dark Oculus, along with Haloprov being captured during his attack on Beta Maximus 35b. Halo would be rescued by the Chat when Knightmare launched an attack on Geato's captial, and on other worlds as a show of force. Knightmare would even make a brief appearance during the Republic's raid on a refueling station, unable to stop the invaders but reminding them that he was still in charge. However, all of this would change during the Battle of New Haven, as mysterious figures appeared, offering peace but causing both the Chat and Republic to question their enemies, and how far they would go to ensure they were the makers of their own destinies. 

Style of Governing

Star wars propaganda

Propaganda used by the Chat Empire.

The Chat Empire believes that if they can control everything and everyone who is under their control, they can have truly lasting peace. Freedoms create tensions, and tensions create conflicts, and in their eyes, no freedoms means no tensions. While some people will think otherwise, the Chat as convinced Trillions that this is the right way to go. Though their methods are unorthodox, their goal is what most people in the galaxy really want, to put an end to all this fighting. Ever since the Chat Civil War, peace has been hard to come by for most of the living beings across the far reaches of the galaxy. The Chat is doing all they can to put an end to this current war, even if it means doing some questionable activities. And while groups fighting the Chat see themselves as freedom fighters, a combination of stretching the facts and people's natural reactions have led to these groups being terrorists instead. The fact is their are opposing the standing government, and the Chat will do anything to keep its power and protect its people.
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