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None Slipspace Rift Incident (April, 2554)
Civil war

One of the many space battles between the Chat Nation and the United Opedia.

It took us ten years and many lives but we have done it, we've finally won. We can become one again."

- The Chat Nation upon the United Opedia's surrender.

The Chat Civil War broke out when disputed votes of 117th elections lead to all out war between the two major political powers, the Chat Nation and the United Opedia

Early War

When the war first broke out, the Chat Nation expected to be done and gone home within a few weeks. They set out for the Opedia headquarters on Yavin V and thought the resistance would be light to non-existent. They under estimated the amount of planets united to fight back against them. The warnings were given and the United Opedia quickly and brutally opened fire on the Chat task force. The Chat got quickly wiped out, with only about 30% of the task force able to escape the Opeidian onslaught. Another brutal campaign would also happen on the planet of Epsilon Indus.

Within the first year of hostilities, the United Opedia had effectively set up a defensive ring of worlds and had began to push the Chat Nation off planets, one world at a time. The Chat had not planned for a long war and immediately drafted resolutions to combat the new threat. Elections were suspended and the Chat drafted millions into their armed forces. The United Opedia also had conscriptions, but many still signed up to help in their cause.

All out War 

Over the course of the next eight years, both were locked in numerous battles on land, in the air, at sea, and in space. The Chat relied on their larger army, space navy, and superior firepower to combat the Opedia, who relied on hit and run attacks, defensive strategies, and their lust for independence. Battles were usually costly to both sides, in both soldiers and materials lost. However, the Chat could more easily replace their loses while the Opedia could not. Most of the United Opedia's war materials were either stolen from the Chat or last-gen tech. 
Opedia troops

Opedia ground Troops.

As the Chat began the bloody push towards Yavin V, they encountered something they had never seen before, orbital defense platforms. These stations tore holes clean through their carriers, cruisers, and even destroyers. This forced the Chat to create the deadliest type of ship ever, the Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser. Capable of absorbing massive amounts of damage and destroying whole fleets by themselves, these were the Chat's trump cards. To counter the Chat's dominance in space, the United Opedia choose to fight most of their battles on the ground. 

On the ground, the Chat was forced to grid it out in order to secure the worlds. The Chat's goal was to reunify the galaxy and to do that, they needed people to believe they had the galaxies best intentions at heart. This meant trying to keeping civilian deaths low, though the United Opedia did not make things easy. Their troops would mix in with innocent people, forcing the Chat to either risk their own troops or kill more people in the name of peace.

Dice star wars

Oepdia forces launch an attack on Chat ground forces.

The Closing Year

After nine years of constant fighting, the Chat started to close in on the United Opedia. All trade with the rest of the galaxy was cut off and the United Opedia's civilians started to suffer. Food and medical supplies could not get to the needy and their situation grew worse by the day. The Chat, on the other hand, started increasing their brutally towards there enemy, growing tried of the fighting. Within months, Yavin V was in sight. 
Chat destroys city

One of the many cities leveled by by the Chat Empire.

Knowing what the Chat had experienced on most of their other ground battles, the choice was made to bomb Yavin V instead. For two straight weeks, the Chat leveled the planet and killed about 60% of the planet's population, mostly civilians. Finally, the United Opedia surrendered and with that, the war was finally over after 10 long years.

Effects of the War

The United Opedia's leaders were jailed after trials for high treason and their planets were put under military control. However, not everything went smooth for the Chat Nation. During the war, they suspended elections, fearing a change in power could cost the Chat the war. They also were severely weakened after ten years of constant fighting. One of the lasting effects was the people's distrust of the Chat Nation. They no longer thought they could properly protect them and the 118th election proved to be another turning point for the galaxy as a whole, with the Chat Empire coming to power. It also lead to the creation of The Resistance, as there were still people angry with anything to do with the Chat.