Chat guard

They will do whatever it takes to protect an Administrator.

Always seen protecting Administrators along with their Moderators, the Chat Bodyguards are some of the best the Chat has to offer.


Empire body

A group of three guards.

The most devout followers, Chat Bodyguards live and will even die for the Chat Empire Admins they are sworn to protect. To even become a bodyguard, they must have already served in another special operations force for atleast three years. They then go through an addition two years of training to actually become a Chat Bodyguard. Moderators will usually lead small groups of these soldiers, who in turn report directly to the Admins. Known for being deadly with both their firearms and hand-to-hand combat skills, only the best trained warriors can put up any sort of fight with them. 

Common armaments


  • In addition to their heavily modified Chat combat armor, they wil also wear GEN 3 Armor depending on the situation.