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The CS Type-25 DEP seen in a blueprint.

The CS Type-25 DEP, also known as the 'Charge Shot Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol' and Charge Shot Blaster for short, is a large sidearm used by Fox McCloud the Aparoid Invasion. The original charge shot blaster was heavily modified from 'Type-1 to Type-25' in the years since the Aparoid Invasion.


The CS Type-25 DEP is a multi purpose weapon that virtually never runs out of ammo as long as the operator does not encounter some sort of EMP. The weapon can fire blue Plasma bolts in a slow repeated action, and each bolt is highly devastating. The weapon can be turned into a heavy weapon when the operator holds down the trigger, and the bolt is turned into a red superbolt. The superbolt is incredibly devastating, even to armored vehicles. Instead of the characteristics of the Covenant Plasma Pistol, the CS T-25 DEP literally fires a lethal charge shot capable of devastating damage to nearly any opposition. However, the Type-25 is a very heavy pistol and with a heavy trigger weight. Its close range lock on feature makes it nearly impossible to hit targets at long ranges.


First used during the Aparoid Invasion, the Charge Shot blaster has been retired from use and eventually brought back during the Galactic Chat War, as concealed sidearms were greatly needed.