C-8 auto

Combat Shotgun-8 auto

When you need a shotgun with accuracy, the CS-8 auto gets the job done.


Holding 8 super heated crystals, this shotgun lacks a spread but makes up for it with accuracy and range. It also has a carrying handle that doubles as iron sights and weapon rails. The weapon can burn through eight shells in about 5 seconds. This shotgun is popular with boarding crews and soldiers who need a proven close quarters killing machine. The Chat Armed Forces love this shotgun for urban conflicts and for patrols on their starships. Chat Troopers and some Rangers use the CS-8 auto, especially when they need to clear locations room by room. The weapon system is also sometimes used by the mercenary  Talot


  • Automatic
  • Long range
  • Accurate


  • Slow rate of fire for an automatic gun
  • Prone to jamming