“Artificial Intelligences are said to not be human. But if I can feel emotions, are wires what really make really me incapable of being a person?”

- Blue

Blue is Karl's personal AI. She has been with him for the better part of seven years now. 


Al's have been apart of the Chat Empire, and many other groups, for almost thirty years now. However, most AI's are only useful for about seven years. After that, their memory banks become full and they can no longer process information or properly store it. This was the norm until Knightmare was able to create a way around this. Using mysterious relics found in deep space, Knightmare was able to get around this block. Karl asked him to create a personal AI for him, one that would never go rampant. It took some time, but knightmare was able to create the AI, which Karl named Blue.

After Karl left the Chat Empire, Blue accompanied him and now serves as a secretary for the New Galactic Republic Counsel. In addition to this, she also helps Karl run the day to day operations of his government, provide communication for the Republic's elite commandos, and help create strategies. She would play a key role during Operation Retribution as she was easily able to decrypt the Chat ship logs to enable Karl to track Chat ship movement all across the Smiley Belt region. 


Blue on bridge

Blue on the bridge of an Infinity-class Battlecruiser.

She is always very serious and polite when talking to people. She never curses or gets lazy, always researching things to become more knowledgeable. Blue will always address Karl as "Sir", and cares very deeply about him. Because of this, the two have become very close to one another, caring for eachother. Blue always looks out for Karl, and puts his best intentions first. Though she knows he can be cold at times, she knows that deep side in side he does care about people. This has made her very protective of Karl, and in-turn has made Karl very protective of her. Blue does ask a lot of questions but she is someone who is easy to get along with. 

To most people, Karl only sees her as a piece of equipment, one who is a valuable military asset. This is supported by the fact he constantly referrers to her as a piece of equipment; and he also states that she has no emotions because she is not a clone of a human brain. However, given the pair has been working together for over five years, and that Blue does seem to care for Karl, Karl might actually care about Blue deep down inside. Given that Karl is not an emotional man, it would make sense for him not to show any feelings toward Blue.

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