• Hiddenlich

    Deep within the Wild Regions of the Galaxy, there is a small planet known as Lagongo. It has been consumed by the plagues of war, terrorism, piracy, and imperialism. However, neither the New Galactic Republic nor the Chat Empire are at the center of this conflict. The belligerents are not unified, they are scattered; divided by their differences in ideology, morals, and reasoning. There are no gods, and there are no masters.

    A Kig-Yar falls down a 20 story building and is impaled on a decaying electrical pole. It hasn't been used for nearly 50 years. The Kig-Yar vision is fading, and its accumulating saliva is gushing out of its mouth. It is very similar to how its purple blood is leaving its torso and leaking onto the cracked, stained conc…

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  • Quirkyadventures


    February 18, 2017 by Quirkyadventures



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  • Finn168719

    First Time on this wiki

    January 15, 2017 by Finn168719

    Hello everyone! Today will be my first time being part of this community, and then as I finished writing this blog, i'll search for the rules to read.

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  • Quirkyadventures

    I really want to get back into halo but i dont know how too... i was a big fan of the lore and backstory, but i have forgotten most of what i loved about the series, i used to be a fan of the darkness especially with hunt the truth and some of the books like fall of reach and contact harvest even the escalation series even though some of the episodes where not that good... I feel stupid because i left halo in a blind rage because of halo 5 and havent really gotten back into it since, but when i look back at it i actually really liked some of the stuff 343 has done to the series for example delving into ONI and some of the post war stuff, but i have also hated some of the stuff they have done especially with the handling of the story of hal…

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  • Quirkyadventures

    So the christmas holiday has come to a close and has left me thinking of how much of a lost opportunity it was, Sure i had a lot of fun with some of you guys, but like i said it was a slight missed opportunity to start up a mega RP thread which we could of all join into, but know since the christmas break is over i have to go back to collage so the chances of this happening are very slim.

    I just hope next summer when we all get a break off collage/work we can try this again and hopefully it will work, it is usually a lot of fun RPing with you guys and i hope to recreate some of the memories we had last year before everyone splitted up

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Rouge One Sucked

    December 24, 2016 by Nikoli the rebel

    Last night me and my family went to see Rouge One: A Star Wars Story and we were very disappointed. Every single one of us walked away from that movie feeling like we were just conned out of our money.  And yet both critics and fans alike love it and anybody who dares talk bad about this movie is labeled a troll.  What is the world coming to?

    I was legitimately emotional during the start of the movie. We got a grimm picture of what it was like to live under the Empire's rule and necessary plot development. It was good up until the main guy's introductory scene.  They literally copy-pasted one of Han Solo's scenes.

    By the end of the movie, I was pretty hollow inside. The movie was depressing and empty. There was NO takeaway from the movie at …

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    In celebration of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I have decided to recut Episode I. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is the most hated Star Wars film of all time. It is the lowest ranked on all major critic websites and has a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.  60% of viewers liked it.

    The rules are: I can delete scenes, add a few scenes, and move scenes around to fill plot holes, improve the narrative, and prevent confusion. The goal is to make an acceptable film while changing as little as possible.

    I decided to rewatch the film and it was enjoyable, a wholly different experience from my memory (which remembered a pretty ok film).  The gungan parts were awful. The tattooine parts were nice. The senate sequence was mercifully short and important…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    This is going to be an short and effiecent blog about all the events of the Second Battle of New Eden.  It continues a blog series entirely devoted to helping new users seamlessly merge into the current rp and old users to keep up. This is supposed to be a short and efficient way to catch up on THDF. Its not a newspaper or evening news.  If any one of these blogs takes you more than 10 minutes to read then you should tell me so I can fix it. 

    • The Ketch is shot down over New Eden by the Guardians of Eden, crew evacuates.
    • Chat invade New Eden again, lead by DAB1001
    • Executor Helsing, Grand Centurion, and Sergeant Grimes engage the Fallen around the crash sight.
    • Chat repulses Resistance attempts to reach the Ketch
    • Chat wound Tuma and work on breac…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Hello.  Its Nikolai. I don't have much time due to upcoming finals but I will post this real quick.

    Where do you guys get your inspiration to rp?  After what movie do you say "I have a brand new idea."? It doesn't have to be for strictly THDF but for your writing in general. So feel free to leave them in the comments below.  

    My heavy influences are: 

    • The Walking Dead
    • Winter War
    • Continuiation War
    • Motti Tactics
    • The Dark Knight (movie)
    • Rambo
    • A-Team (film)

    Medium influences include:

    • Is Paris Burning? (book)
    • Band of Brothers
    • Halo

    Minor influences or interests that I have only developed recently include:

    • CoD
    • Naruto
    • RWBY
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  • Nikoli the rebel

    I'll keep this brief. THDF has always had a deep and complex canon.  This is both rewarding for those who pay attention and burdensome for new people joining.

    I have decided to create an official timeline in the navigation with conflicts and battles organized by year but I need your help. The 2558 and 2559 battles were easy to link because of the quality documentation but as soon as the Ptranosaurians showed up their are no more pages.  I would be greatful if those who took part in the Ptranosaurian rps (and future rps?) would please make pages that detial the conflicts so that they can be linked in the navigation.  While I would prefer if the pages where top quality, they don't have to be.

    P.S. Are the Mandalorians still canon and if so the…

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  • Hiddenlich

    Note: Please take this seriously. Don't vote for a candidate because you want to be apart of a bandwagon or because you think that a candidate is boisterously hilarious.

    Well, tomorrow the people of the United States will be voting for their next president. To "celebrate" this quadrennial event, I am going to be using this blog as a means of indicating what the THDF Wiki's users would vote for if we were able to be counted for this election.

    I am curious to see how this will turn out. I will end the poll tomorrow night so we can elaborate on our choices when we find out who won the election.

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Trust No One

    August 7, 2016 by Lord of the STARS

    Yavin V 3:11 PM. A human is on a hike in the new growth of forest, when from the sky a cloaked Ptranosaurian dropship floats above and beams him up, he freaks out as he is startled and has no idea what is going on. He then finds him self in the crew holds of the vessel, with a Ptranosaurian looking right at him. But he has a civilian magnum and points at the Ptranosauian. "Stay back man, stay back!" Ptranosaurian: "Relax native creature we have no intention of harming you, we just need your dna!" As the Ptranosaurian pulls out a blood extracting sirrenge coming closer the human fires his shots at the Ptranosaurian, but its usless as his shots merely burn at a molecular level as they hit his over shield. The humans blood is extracted.

    The h…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    2 Star Crafts have been launched deeper into space then ever yet before. This space program is under watch by a 3 way system, a system being monitored by a space station in the Ptranosaurian galaxy.

    Watching both by the monitoring of the station, the ship, and the eyes of the first 2 galacticnauts eyes through their brain implants, the signal is monitored by only the most elite members of the galaxy before it will be declassified to the public.

    On a floating city 450000ft in the sky hovering in the clouds, in the center a gravity lift beaming up a pillar of lava from a volcano below, on a unknown planet, in the capital of the city is a great palace, and on the thrown sits a Ptranosaurian, watching 6 screens.

    One of the Ptranosaurian officer…

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    Given that the last two roleplays have resulted in the Chat Empire losing Bravadostock, Spartan A-118, and Haloprov, I think that the next few roleplay's should either not result in the Chat losing anymore figureheads or maybe even a loss or two for Heretic DinoFox. Maybe Haloprov is broken out and Knightmare, in his new form, can finally reappear. Maybe our team meets groups of people who truly believe that DinoFox is a group of terrorists who need to be stopped. Another idea could be some of the characters get taken prisoner and we get to see them do their best to bend but not break under constant torture. Does anyone else have any ideas or situations that they would like to see be played out in the next few roleplays? 

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  • Hiddenlich

    Instead of posting these long discussion logs on the roleplay forums, I decided to create a blog for them.

    What are these discussion logs?

    If you are confused by the title, this blog entails the countless discussion the Dre'an "Master" has with his closest affiliates. The goal of these blogs are to help everyone who participates in the current roleplay series to understand the purpose of the Dre'an (Grey) uprising.

    In an unknown region of the galaxy, a newly created monitor enters a foreign chamber in an illusive military installation.

    Monitor: "Master, one of our own kind has rejected us."

    A heavily armored Dre'an approaches the monitor and takes hold of it before it can evade his wrath.

    Dre'an: "Are you trying to flee from your almighty creator?…

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    I make this blog post to not just let everyone know I'm back, becasue most people here probably don't know who I am, but to ask to be brought up to speed on everything I missed. Last I was here, Team Heretic DinoFox was asaulting the planet of Mu Gasto to gain information on the location of Jess, who had been kidnapped. My plan had been for DMR to eventually resuce Jess, who was kidnapped by Jango Al Ghul. I realize a lot has happened in the two years I was gone, and it would be nice to be able to jump in and both help the wiki and get back into roleplaying. I have been active in those two years though, writing my own version of this story, which I am glad to share with anyone who asks for it, though it is still a work in progress.  

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  • Lord of the STARS

    The Sparing Whale. At 284ft ftom noise to tail it is the 3rd largest whale on Aquamarine. Not quite the largest sea predator and not quite at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom, it is however the most aggressive. This animal has rows of sharp teeth designed to penetrate armor, and does not swim in a pod. It hunts kills and eats many kinds of sea animals, and even does not back down from a fight with the largest predator on the planet, the great gilled mammalian lizard fish. Measuring at 592ft from noise to tail it is the largest creature to hunt, built like a shark, a whale, a crocodile, and a barracuda had all taken part in the creation of this nightmarish creature. This creature is armed with many teeth, clawed flipper-arm…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Planet Charly

    April 2, 2016 by Lord of the STARS

    Many humans don't know it, but the true reason Sirens are always so nice to humans, is so that they don't find out how dim witted they are in comparasince to them. This is to make it easier to get along with them, and on top of that, hurting another's pride is rude, and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

    This code of manners how ever isn't quite as necessary to maintain when dealing with the chat, feel free to out wit the fuck out of them.

    The prisoners did not know it, but with each meaningful conversation they had with Swims Like Shark, they where indeed being manipulated. Willingly, and with no realization they where doing it, they had revealed the name of, location of, culture of, and military capacity of, the next Chat controlled …

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  • Hiddenlich

    After a lengthy time gap, part 3 of Through the Vortigaunt's Eye has arrived!

    For approximately 1 1/2 weeks, the two Spirits travel at full speed to the star system. However, this is quite neglible, as they are only about two-tenths of a million miles from the derellict vessel. Many of them are hungry, and are incredibly distraught by dehydration.

    Ari'Noira Tashika: "Regret. Reminisce. Ponder. Regret."

    Shoq: "Why do meh sight balls smell whelks? De sight of meh eyes has been transferred to deh ears of my comrades in Kasheeta."


    Pilot: "I see a sphere. A blue and brown sphere... water and dirt combined in perfect harmony..."


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  • Lord of the STARS

    Gaeto was a embarrassing defeat from chat remnant forces. Using monsters made of delicious calamari that the Aquamarine ally military love to eat, that are allergic to drunk people on a planet where they love to drink, and the chat forces them selves where smaller then the present Gaeto military 111 to 1. None the less, distracted by the temporary threat of the Grabbers, the chat had time to make their move. Had the so called alliance that where so unified and reliable when they where nothing more then a insurrection force done more then 0.14% to support the resistance againced invasion, Gaeto would have laughed at its chat conquers attempt to take over the planet. But once chat forces poured in to take over the survivors of light orbital …

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  • MenacePotatoe


    February 4, 2016 by MenacePotatoe

    Well. I am new here. I, as an Unggoy, get lonely, and try new things. Today I am trying this wiki.

    I have no idea what to do here, and what qualifies as THDF "canon". If you could point me in the right direction, that would be nice.

    I understand very few people are active here, but...I don't care about that too much.

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Gaeto was a sad and humiliating loss. For a race who can turn Jaws into a can of anchovies with ease, you would think the invasion would have been easy for them to bring to a halt. But the Aquamarinears, known to humanity as sirens, where a peaceful resident on Gaeto. Their only military was permitted civilian home defense, and the law enforcement teamed up with the military of Gaeto, it was a light defense.

    For a planet that is the root of the Ne Galactic Republic, you would think they would have had support. But no, no allies came to the rescue.

    The sirens have made calamari of many of the dreaded creatures the chat used to soften the sea and shore resistance, but in time the shear numbers eventually weakened them enough that the chat laun…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Once again I have been called on to do the recap on THDF canon.  I find that I am slowly becoming the scrib of the "village" who writes down everything that happens.  I didn't ask for this job but Im glad that I can create a lasting impression upon THDF.  Hopefully decades from now when people find this wiki on accident they will find inspiration from our stories made easily to acces via my blog series. 

    During the Night of the Long Knives over 100 politicians and military commanders were murduered in their sleep with many more failed attempts still surfacing all around Eafth.  

    The Chat remnants have regrouped just outside the Eafth system after their crushing defeat at Eafth not long ago.  The remnants seam to be fighting each other at the…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    I am a guy who doesn't have a significant job and all I do is go to school/colledge.  I do nothing all day but wonder how to fix our countries problems.  I am a walking talking thinktank.  This is the most descriptive, precise, and strategic way to defeat ISIS.  You should also know that I keep up with Politics ever night and nobody in politics (or outside of it) has a plan like I have.  Enjoy.

    Step 1: train a few divisions of the US armed forces in conventional tactics as the entire military is trained for a counter insurgency operation. 

    Step 2: Take a 1 mile wide "buffer zone" in between turkey and syria using the syrian territory.  Put up a wall and deploy conventional troops to gaurd that wall.  Make sure that anybody leaving Syria to T…

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  • Hiddenlich

    Hold on to your seats folks, because this is part 2 of Through the Vortigaunt's Eye, a collection of blog stories based on Chiron's backstory!

    The extraterrestrial is now racing up the air vent, desperately trying to get away from the SharpYar fiends.

    "How did they find the ship? We travelled to a completely different dimension, one without the Slavers!" thought the alien.

    This extraterrestrial is unlike any species within this galaxy. It is a Vortigaunt, a tall, brown creature with one big eye, amongst 3 smaller ones. This Vortigaunt, who, along with Human militia members, were on the run from remnants of the Combine, a former trans-dimensional empire that ruled entire universes. The Vortigaunts, with the help of Humans and other enslaved rac…

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  • Hiddenlich

    This is the beginning of a series of blogposts that tell the backstory of Chiron, and what happened to him before he encountered Team Heretic Dinofox over Moris.

    Korus: "Ari'Tosika Maniyata! We are approaching the vessel of interest. Our raid teams are ready to deploy!"

    Ari'Tosika Maniyata: "With that language, you'll disperse every Resistance force towards this region. Talk differently to your Ari'Tosika next time."

    Korus: "What's wrong? The Resistance would never be able to hear us this far out in deep space!"

    Ari'Tosika Maniyata: "Freaking fool! If the Resistance gets a trace of SharpYar traffic, we will be as good as fried Moa!"

    While the two SharpYar quarrel about how to communicate with each other, three Spirits enter the hangar of a dereli…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Recently I sought to recap on the events of Yoth. I came back to the wiki because I was greatly dismayed that we/I had ended the war so suddenly after Yoth and continued with the Phoneix soldiers rp.  I was looking into what it would take to kick off the wartime rp again a few years after Yoth.  But first I have to brief the rest of the community on the not so recent events. 

    The earlier recap blogs can be found here:

    • Minnae, Tyroe, and THDF find General Sheer aboard the Chat ship "The Abomination " using the infor…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Canon Fodder

    December 22, 2015 by Nikoli the rebel

    I am starting a new blog series called "Canon Fodder"

    This blog series will be much like the Canon Fodder seen here ( but adapted to the THDF universe.  Here I will post the new universe articles in a central place so that our dinofoxes don't have to spend time looking through recent activity.  I will try to put these out once a week as that is about as often as I will be active but I make no promises.  

    The main purpose of this blog series is to clear up any discrepancies or confusions in THDF canon and additionally update the community the state of THDF and the contnuing material.  

    Without further ado lets dive into Cannon Fodder #1: 

    The next target w…

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  • 1hs444

    Hey guys! As some of you might remember, back in April I introduced the

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  • Lord of the STARS

    This is a experimental record of pre-beginning prequels to the Aquamarinear species known to humanity as the Sirens. In no way what so ever will this actually be satisfactory to its clamed tittle "full history" and since its still in alpha this prequel may have canon issues, false information, and much confusion for those who spend more then a month not involved in the viewing of the whole sci-fi story, aka I the author as well. It is for this reason it is in writing as a blog and is not intended to be a page. Note also this is a history of the people not the planet.

    • 74 million years ago: Beginning.

    At this time the species begin their existent life on their home world, how ever at this point they don't have arms, but instead front flippers…

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  • Unnamed Field Marshall

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've written a blog. I'll be short and sweet this time.

    What will we do with departed characters? We can't leave them hanging, or that wouldn't do them justice. Here's my proposal for how to tie up the loose ends of characters whose users have long since left.

    These will also make great RP threads.

    Probably one of the most important people in the universe. A war hero, a strategist, a leader, and a friend. Leaving his fate ambiguous would be cheap, but so would killing him off in any manner. Martyrdom isn't an effective plot device if it means killing someone off merely to advance the story and "strengthen the conviction" of the surviving heroes, so here is my proposal: DMR contacts the team after having b…

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  • 1hs444

    Pictures Template!

    October 31, 2015 by 1hs444

    As per Community Revamp, a new template that we should have had a long time ago is mandatory.  So what is it?  I give you the

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  • 1hs444

    Hey all!  Been quite awhile since the last community update blog, amirite? 

    So, I'll cut to the chase.  I've been away from THDF for a long time.  How long since I was avid? Probably before this wiki was even made.  However this wiki gave me (and hopefully all of you) incredible experience, and in retrospect, I can truly see how much work I put into it.  How much work you all put into it.

    I hope you're going to be here with me for a big revamp to the site.

    As we all know, THDF is full of pages that are deemed absolutely unacceptable by either professional Wikia or Wikipedia standards.  I'm going to help us clean this mess up, but I can't do it alone. I would greatly appreciate volunteers on that front.

    Also, I am going to further review policy…

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  • 1hs444

    The Grafton narrowly escapes Unicorn Hydra VII with survivors from the Heist. Most systems on the Grafton, including her primary engines, are damaged.

    RTA: "Everyone okay?"

    Fox: "I'm good, how about you Ricardo?"

    Ricardo: "Still have my head... so... good."

    Bishop: "Safe over here too."

    RTA: "Picking up a warning over here!"

    Fox: "What is it?"

    RTA: "That Saratoga Battlegroup. We are somewhat beyond escape velocity at this point, but we can't outrun them."

    Bishop: "T-Minus 30 seconds until detonation."

    RTA: "Keep climbing..."

    Ricardo: "We're approaching the ODP's sir!"

    Fox: "Computer, all power to remaining engines!"

    Ship Computer: "Anything over 10% power output from the fusion reactor will overload the core."

    Fox: "Then give it 10% power!"

    The Graftons…

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  • 1hs444

    Here it is. Part ten of Unicorn Hydra VII.

    RTA, Bishop, and Ricardo all have hijacked the Chat Frigate Grafton, and are en route to the Apex after a bloody, yet unbelievably successful engagement against three cruisers (thanks only to several warheads). Meanwhile, Fox and Nova are at the Apex site awaiting pick-up so they can prime the slipspace shard improvised mega-nuke for detonation.

    Fox (Comms): "RTA, we're getting anxious up here, and just saw some sort of massive fireball down near you. Are you okay?"

    Bishop (comms): "This is Bishop. Just had a minor engagement with three cruisers."

    Fox (comms): "Interesting. Well, now that the entirety of the defense grid knows we're here, you might want to hurry."

    Three cloaked dropships unload a large s…

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  • 1hs444

    Quite the mini-novel, amirite?

    ???: "Just got a report of a missing Pelican not far from the compound, sir."


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  • 1hs444

    Our heros enter the planets interior, and their cover is soon to be blown.

    Almost as vague as a synopsis as the ending of the Ghostbusters game ("Congladurations you have prooved the justice of our culture") or the finish line end screen for Big Rigs ("YOURE WINNER!").

    The Pelican enters the Planets interior, and scrambles its IFF tags location broadcaster

    Flight Control: "Pelican Six Niner, what is your destination?"

    Bishop: "Check the IFF tag. Classified."

    Flight Control: "As flight control for all vessels here, I have the authorization to know."

    Bishop pulls out a pistol and shoots the radio, prompting a response from everyone onboard.

    Bishop: "Well, it was a lousy conversation anyway."

    Nova: "Christ, I thought we were shot down... Don't do tha…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    It has been long since the 2cond fall of yoth, the chat had made their worst mistake since the chat star. They had caused a handful of rebel planets to become infected by the xenomorphs, and fleeing rebel ships from the planets had caused it to mass spread through out the galaxy. Many people in the chat loyalties have revolted, turning on the chat for causing this pox, riots have torn apart many administrated powers, many new rebels even fight among them selves, all around the chat forces are crumbling dew to mass panic. They are slipping away in power over the galaxy.

    A combined effort of a alliance from Aquamarine, 5 fleets of hundreds of ships, the fleet of Madam Celestial Saber and her warrior prince Lord of the Stars, and a faction of …

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  • Lord of the STARS

    What's up ladies and gentlemen, we are a manifestation of the memory of thdf, I'm Sings

    And I'm sports

    And we are going to discuss, the worst things to happen to thdf during its life time. This blog will be edited as time goes by and we have time, but this is just a book mark of what is to come.

    Before we really begin, we will put the yoth seris on the list. While the yoth rps where great at first, they clogged the pipes of the rp action like someone who ate to much vegetation and not enough meat. They took 6 months and became the only thing going on, when the yoth sires lost its popularity, so to did the entire wikia, taking the forum with it.

    Now, before we start our blog if you wish to comment, first do it hear. We will edit this tomarrow …

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  • 1hs444

    Note: Make 7th blog Unicorn Hydra 7 joke

    Welcome back for part VII of Unicorn Hydra VII!

    Our heros landed in an abandoned urban city, and have hidden their Pelican in the city. Now, the strike force is regrouping to take down a Chat Compound with access to the interior of the hollow planet. Yeah, it took until part 6 for shooting to happen, and part 7 until the heros reach the focus point of the story.

    It's a novel length story, ya know?

    RTA: "This is Nine Sixer, preparing to land... uh... on an encrypted channel broadcasting a report. Lieutenant please acknowlege."

    Fox: "This is Fox, read you loud and clear."

    Nova pulls the radio from Fox's hand.

    Nova: "Well done Sergeant, Private. Get back here on the double."

    Bishop: "Copy that."

    The strike team …

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  • Lord of the STARS

    On planet hurricane the control of the planet has been divided 3 ways, to smuggler humans, empirical kig-yar pirates, and non hostile Aquamarinenears, who have for 5 years lived together non violently, the sirens and jackals close friends, while the humans hear are only peaceful when ignored, they are harmed only when they try to spy on the kig-yar. The Aquamarinears live hear for the suitable envirment in which they can study the world play in it and hold a territory they can live on beyond hygerios. The kig-yar are hear for a more finical purpose, as the planet has deposits of slip space crystal oar, and their base is a glorified floating mining platform. Their slip space technology because of this is on the brink of becoming tier 1, if…

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  • 1hs444

    Summary so far:

    After a lengthy debate with Resistance Commanders and a suspicious NR captain, Fox agrees to lead a spec-ops assault on a top secret Chat Navy Yard. The fleet strength there is much stronger than expected, and a battlegroup of stealth frigates overwhelmed the insertion teams distraction; a Heavy Cruiser. Now the insertion team is going dark, with no help from the outside, and is preparing to land on Unicorn Hydra VII. The NR Lieutenant, Ramirez "Bomb", has great mistrust towards the Resistance participants of the insertion, and tensions are steadily growing.

    Bishop: "We're preparing to land."

    Nova: "I've been given certain coordinates to known openings into the shield world. Apparently, we are close to one of them now. They on…

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  • 1hs444

    Part 5

    Finally, getting into the good part.

    The Goldeneye stealthily exited slipspace, a good million kilo's from Unicorn Hydra VII.

    Waits: "So, your 'backup cruiser' should be here any minute, right?"

    Fox: "It should exit slipspace in the asteroid belt, right where we came from."

    Five minutes pass.

    Waits: "What exactly do you think we should do, oh so wise Commander, if your backup doesn't arrive?"

    Fox: "Well then Waits, as you said yourself, the galaxy will fall apart because no one can cooperate."

    Waits: "The sarcasm is a little strong with this one. Ouch."

    As the conversation goes on, the Resistance Class I Heavy Cruiser NCC-1701X dropped out of slipspace, and begins to approach the Goldeneye.

    Officer: "Sir, your ship is here."

    Waits: "Alright. So…

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  • 1hs444

    Part 4

    This isn't the recap episode you were looking for. Either move along, or read Unicorn Hydra below.

    The day past in what seemed like mere minutes. The Great Fox III was barely put in a standby mode by the time Captain Waits had his entire fireteam assembled. Fox anxiously walked to his Arwing, pulled out a picture of home, and grabbed a large briefcase containing his personalized armor. Finally, he walked to the docking umbilical to greet Commander Verlaine once again on Station #0014.

    Verlaine: "Take good care of yourself out there. If you're in a pinch, you can always flee to #0014. Our station defenses pack a punch, and we can back you up if you need to make a break for it."

    Fox: "Good to know. One last thing though."

    Verlaine: "And wh…

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  • 1hs444

    Unicorn Hydra VII Part 3

    Hey all. I am going to speedrun-write these blogs now, as I've sluggishly written the first two. Don't expect too much welcome in these pre-blog notes. :(

    Fox: "Fine Captain, you have my complete attention. What is it that the New Republic wants from the Resistance?"

    Waits: "Not the Resistance, Commander. While I am sure that my special operation unit could handle this op on their own, Karl gave me direct orders to get a specific fireteam to tackle the job, and you're on the top of the list, apparently."

    Fox: "You want me to go on a witch-hunt, for the Chat? The very people I've devoted years of my life to fight?"

    Waits: "Commander, these are troubled times. Over Eafth, we have lost fleets. The Chat, nor the planets she on…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    I can't begin to count the reasons that I hate Mother's Day so lets not waste anytime.   

    First of all it is a gigantic slap in the face to all those out there who have lost their moms.  Its like saying "Haha.  Your life sucks because you don't have one of these awesome people to take care of you and nuture you."  Its like flaunting your riches to all the poor people or dressing up in a suit and tuxedo to serve soup to the less fortunate.

    Secondly, believe it or not, all Mom's are good people.  There are Mom's who abuse their children and some who are in jail for unspeakable crimes.  The Casey Anthony case comes to mind.  There are a lot of Mom's out there that don't deserve to have a day decidated to them.  Almost all of these abusive Mom's…

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  • 1hs444

    Hey all, 1hs444 here!  I've got some great news regarding our policies on 'what can be created', and what can not.  Hopefully you all will see the applicable use of this, so it can be used in the future.

    So, here it is, in all its glory.  The Off Topic Template.

    Use this good ol' template on the top of our blogs or thread headers (make sure to put your off topic threads in the correct boards), and bam!  You've got the reins to talk about virtually anything!  Want to discuss Star Wars?  How about Halo?  European Ice Dancing?  Real Life?  Perhaps Retro Video Game Consoles?  You can talk about it!  Just add

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    So April 21st is rolling in pretty quickly but there is still a lot to do.  That said once we do reach April 21st we will begin a new chapter in THDF.  The bureaucrat era or Act lll.  Now we could go in many different directions so I will tell you guys how I think the rps should go and you can tell me how you think the rps can go and hopefully we can come to an agreement by April 21st.  

    So the way I picture these rps is the team going on incredibly dangerous missions that will unltimately lead to some deaths just so we can keep the Bureaucrat intrested in the universe.  Because he is so bored with it he is about to destroy it.  

    That said here are a few rps I threw together.  I am not including plot twists in the description because that wo…

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  • 1hs444

    Hello users!  Because I thought I should "be involved here", I have decided to write up RECAP 4 for all of you!  Instead of recapping you all on what has happened, I decided to throw all of those stupid rules out the window, and just tell you what we want you to do.  On top of us wasting your lives every day since April 22nd 2014 and/or March 15th 2014.

    So, this is where the admin team has discussed they want THDF to be going:

    We are going to eventually get away from Yoth, (because who has time for that?) sometime later in the decade, and then we are going to go on a hunt to find the truth about the gungans, and their mafia gangster boss Pizza the Hutt.  Hopefully we can take down the pesky mafia gungans, and maybe eat off of Pizza the Hutt unti…

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  • 1hs444

    Chat Moderator demotions

    March 25, 2015 by 1hs444

    Hey all. Before I start, I will tell all of you that I am still writing for Unicorn Hydra VII, and plan to make a template listing the blogs for it soon.  Anyway, coming to you with a new blog on our Chat Moderator problem going on.

    While I don't think the current Chat Moderators aren't worthy, there simply is no need for 5 Chat Moderators on a mostly infrequent Chat Room.  I have two solutions to this problem:

    We turn those who are Chat Moderators into Rollback users, and let one or two of them still attain their Chat Mod status.

    This blue pill choice will certainly eliminate that problem short term, but hopes of a "chat community", and wiki growth are dulled.  Consider option 2.

    This option benefits all of us, and doesn't result in any harsh f…

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