This is a ragtag battleforce that was assembled out of necessity.


They all followed a message to Installation DKI-7A53R A7P1-1A. From there a message lead them to Installation-7A53R 83TA. There they encountered raptor bandits who intended to gain access to an interstellar portal that Battle group Brave New World was working on.

Second Battle of Yoth

The Battleforce followed the Raptor pirates to the planet of Yoth to get back their boarding parties. Along the way they stole two destroyers, one cruiser, and the Pride of the Executioner. We were just starting to destroy the planet when we were attacked by Orbital defenses. We immediately retreated to an asteroid field around Yoth. There we found a small mining colony of Raptor Pirates. Boarding parties from the Spirit of Honor destroyed their little military capacity and droids lead by Fox Mcloud explored the colony.

The droids soon found something peculiar that Fox immediately classified. He only told the rest of the team it was evidence the Lord of the STARS was a traitor. Shocked, the team received a distress call from New Eden. They immediately marked Yoth for future military operations and departed for New Eden to learn the truth.

Crisis on New Eden

The Battleforce arrived at different times due to their variation in interstellar equipment. When they arrived the GF lll persuaded the Lord of the STARS to temporarily open up his ozone shield to help with the evacuation and secure the Lord of the STARS palace. When the Lord of the STARS opened his shields the GF lll secured the palace while the rest of the battleforce worked to evacuate civilians.


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