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Counter Attack on Beta Maximus 35b Operation Retribution
The sowed the wind and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.

With mounting defeats for the Chat Empire, they launched an all out assault on Gaeto's capital of Turesta, along with other planets to assert their dominance. The Chat also hoped to rescue Haloprov and deal a significant blow to the New Galactic Republic.

Batte over turesta

Chat vessels over the capital.


After Jess and Haloprov where recovering from the toxic gas released by Trol' Lolam, the mood of the team was that of joy but still uneasiness. Talot was still angry that Haloprov had not given up any information while Tyler was sitting by Jess's side as she recovered in hospital. While Talot wanted to get back at Trol' for attacking a teammate, Jess told him that there were more important matters at hand, as the Chat Empire would be hungry for retaliation after losing Haloprov, Bravadostock, and Spartan A-118. Once it was known that Jess would be out of the hospital shortly, Talot, Tyler, and Megan decided to spend sometime outside since it was a beautiful day. 

While they were outside, Trol', Tyler, and Talot tried to make amends for the past actions during the mission over Beta Maximus 35b. It was an awkward conversation amongst the three, which was a pleasure for Megan to watch. However, the arrival of Chat soldiers changed that, as they seemed unaware of the fact that they were not only on a New Galactic Republic planet, but its capital. Megan confronted them, and as soon as they realized these were not ordinary people, but members of Team Heretic Dinofox, the Chat soldiers bolted, with the others hot on their tail.

A Chase Through Turesta

Chase gaeto

Megan and Tyler in hot pursuit.

Megan and Tyler got in one jeep as Trol' and Talot got in another, and chased the Chat soldier's car onto the highway.As first, they did not want to shoot and wanted to let local police forces handle it. However, when the Chat open fired on them, the group returned fire, making sure as to not hit civilians who were littering the highway. After a brief chase, the tire was shot out of the Chat's car and it crashed. As the team moved in to deal with the soldiers, they got into a small firefight, but easily dealt with them. However, before they could arrest those still alive, a 5th Legion soldier decended on them and prevented them from escaping, deploying a smoke grenade

Most of the group thought that it would be a Knightmare to try and locate the injured soldiers, but Lord of the STARS was able to lead the group to them with his nose. Though the soldier got a drop on them, they were able to put him down, and began the process of trying to get information out of him. The group wanted answers, and the soldier, named Rick, was definite, not wanting to help the Chat but in no mood to help what he called "terrorists." That's when the skies above the city open up and Chat forces began to deploy over the city, they had by passed the space fleet by opening up their portal right above the city.

Megan grey

Megan was ready to kill Rick after the chase.

Chat's Invasion

Lead by a mysterious figure, Chat forces deployed all over the city, and the commandos were caught off guard by the speed and sheer number of Chat soldiers who descended on the planet. Chat Shock Troopers and rangers, along with pamphlets, rained from the sky as Turesta police forces did their best to hold off the Chat until the Republic could mobilize its soldiers. Knowing how dire the situation was, Talot and Trol' decided to deal with the unknown Chat soldier, who was armed with a laser cutlass. Megan, knowing that Karl was in the capital building, decided to go and make sure he was not killed, while Tyler made his way towards the maximum security prison, knowing this would be the perfect time for Haloprov to escape. Lastly, Jess made the choice to go to the planet's missile defense system site, as if the Chat could activate this, it could kill more then three hundred million people. They all said their good byes as they split up to get their objectives done.
Swat turesta

Though not trained for such, the local police readied themselves for a fight.

The mysterious figure, with a small escort, engaged Talot and Trol' as a fight broke out in the small alleyway. It was a brutal fight, and though the Nova troopers would not survive, they were able to assist the figure enough to injure both Trol' and Talot. Rick was still in the mood for a fight, and feeling betrayed by the Chat, helped Talot as he joined the fight against the figure, and he would end up killing him; taking his robe and trying to escape all the chaos.

Elsewhere through the city, it was a blood bath as the Chat soldiers fired without discretion between soldier and civilian. Police forces, though they fought valiantly, were no match for soldiers. Worse, transports could not get civilians out quick enough, with them being shot down out of the sky. Stars decided to use his forces to help with evacuation of civilians and to try and control the fires raging around the city. That is when Republic forces finally started to arrive in numbers, and the tide begin to turn in their favor as the Chat's decision to bypass the defense fleet began to turn in them.

Dinofox's Mission

Jess commandeered a Chat jeep as she made her way through the city, and she could see the horrors of the attack. Buildings were on fire, and she could see dead people filling the streets as many people were caught off guard the Chat's sudden attack. However, her attention soon shifted as she was engaged by Chat air vehicles as she was forced off the road. She was undeterred, and after hot wiring another car, she was able to make her away to the missile defense site. Jess entered slowly, as she did not want to give away her position, as she did not know who was in control of the area. She moved into the base and through a vent, and when she saw dead Republic guards inside, Jess knew it was no longer in their control.

Tyler moved into the prison, and he was instantly met with fire from Rangers and Shock troopers, who had been deployed to free Haloprov. Though they had killed the guards, they were no match for Tyler, who was able to easily kill them after a brief fight. That changed when a legion soldier attacked Tyler, and this one caught him off guard. Tyler could not shoot him, as the soldiers was able to block his shots and close in on Tyler. Normally, Tyler would have been at a disadvantage, but he had been practicing more in hand to hand combat, and was able to disarm the soldier before stabbing him in the back, killing him. Tyler moved into the wing was Haloprov was located, and hoped to still find him there.

Two droids

HK-droids were deployed to help with the attack.

Megan made her way through the ruined city as she meet with soldiers and police officers who too were trying to make their way to the capital, figuring it was their duty to protect Karl. While she too ran into the standard Chat soldiers, once she and her team were engaged by HK-droids, she knew the fight was getting serious. Dodging Chat mortar and machine gun fire, Megan pushed through the Chat forces, watching the soldiers and cops die around her as she moved towards the capital. It was hard on her watching them die, but she understood how much more important it was for the Republic to ensure that Karl did not die.

Fighting Continues

Megan kept pushing her way through the Chat soldiers as she came upon the steps of the capital. Alone, she entered the building as it was eerily quiet, and was covered in dead bodies from both sides. As she moved through the building, she heard a laser cutless activate and yelling as she quickly moved towards the sound. Megan entered the room to see Karl fighting a legion soldier, as thier dead bodies were scattered around. Megan shot the soldier as Karl was glad to see her.

Jess, using her pistol and knife, rushed through the base, cutting her way through the soldiers as she raced to prevent the Chat from activating the missiles. Given the speed she was moving with, none of the soldiers stood a chance as Jess cut her way through all of them. After a few minutes of straight running, fighting, and killing, she entered the control room, and was meet by soldiers who were in the process of getting the missiles online. Jess had arrived in the knick of time, being able to kill the soldiers and get the station offline. Her work was not done however, as a Chat Shuttle deployed more soldiers to the compund, and Jess would be all by herself as she readied for another fight.
Gaeto control room

The control room in the missile base.

Tyler entered Halo's cell to see it was empty, and once he made eye contact with him, Tyler drew his weapon as Halo fought him. Unlike last time, Tyler was planning on killing Haloprov, and was just about it. That chance passed though, as a 5th legion member threw Tyler through a wall and gave Halo the chance to escape. Tyler knew his objective had gotten away, but when he heard yelling nearby, he knew he had to investigate.

Battle Winds Down

Tyler entered an alleyway as he ran into Talot as well, who had recovered from his pervious wounds and was now back in the fight. The two then saw Trol' who was standing over the man who was screaming; it was Rick from earlier. Tyler was ready to kill the man on the spot, but Trol' stepped in, stating that the man had given up fighting the Chat and he was going to take the man back to his ship. Not looking to get into fight with an ally, Tyler and Talot let him go as Rick was taken away.

Blue told Karl that Jess had deactivated the missiles but warned that the Chat was closing in her on. Karl and Megan took an AAS-3 while Karl had Republic forces deploy to the area to ensure that the Chat would not gain control of the area. Jess for her part was doing her best to hold the over two dozen soldiers off, but she was heavily outgunned and it began to show as she got hit again and again. Bleeding, she fell to the floor after killing over fifteen soldiers as the Chat moved in. She looked into the eyes of a soldier as she accepted it was her time to die; but the arrival of Megan and Karl prevented that from happening. With help for troops deployed by Stars, they were able to secure the air and get Jess the medical attention she needed. 


Turesta rain

The skies opened up after the battle.

The rain fell hard over the city as the Chat forces, with Haloprov, pulled out after successfully attacking the city and dealing a massive physiological blow to the Republic. Jess had been moved to the field hospital on the docks while forces moved in the city to secure it. Karl was hungry to get back into the fight, and make the Chat pay for their attack. However, he understood that his soldiers needed time to rest, and he knew he would need help before launching another attack. Elsewhere, Megan, Tyler, Stars, and Talot joined Jess in the hospital and used the time to catch up and to try and get the days events off of their minds. 
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