New haven fight

Chat Forces over New Haven.

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Operation Retribution Chat Invasion of New Eden

With the intelligence the New Galactic Republic stole from the Chat EmpireKarl was ready to take over yet another Chat planet, New Haven.


After a successful intelligence grab made by the Galactic Republic and Resistance forces, Karl and Blue were able to pull all the information together. After days of trying to analyzing everything, Karl came to the conclusion to attack the Chat planet of New Haven, as it would weaken the Chat's hold on the sector and give Karl the necessary foothold to push further in the region. The problem was this planet was not just controlled by the Chat, the people here were a big support of them, meaning the battle needed to be won on the field and in the hearts and minds of the people.

Command room

Karl's war room on Gaeto.

Karl gathered his forces on Gaeto has he went about trying to pin point the most vital locations on the planet to assault. After more deliberation, three targets were selected for the initial assault, the capital, the planet's defensive cannons grid, and the planet's main space port. The capital would be assaulted by a team including Jess, Talot, and Uvok, and would involve them securing the city and trying to appease to the almost certainly hostile population. The next team, consisting of Tyler and Visius would be the space port, which would require the team to kill the three star admiral there and prevent the Chat from rendering the port unusable. The last team, consisting of Megan, Stars, and Saber, would have them assaulting a mountain base to disable the planet's defensive cannons, which would enable Karl to give other teams heavier fire support.

Before the mission could start however, tensions were once again flying high when Talot read some of Tyler's personal logs, which while they had no password, Tyler had trusted his teammates to not go reading through them. Though Talot apologized to Tyler, he was more upset that a lack of trust seemed to not exist, though Talot claimed he only read the more recent ones. Elsewhere, as usual, Megan was poking people's buttons, as Uvok and Stars seemed to get under her skin, though Stars's comment about killing civilians who supported the Chat struck a nerve with her. Nonetheless, the team left Gaeto a few days later, ready to assault New Haven and bring another planet under Galactic Republic control. 

Attacking New Haven

Chat star

The Hologram of the Chat Star.

Karl's attack force exited slip space above New Haven as he deployed corvettes to help ensure the team's UD did not get shot down. The three teams all deployed without incident, and Visius and Tyler running into no enemies as they rushed to the shipping docks. Elsewhere, the capital was a mess as Chat forces fought against Heretic Dinofox and Republic forces for control of the city. Everywhere, the fighting was brutal, as the Chat forces were willing to go to any length to protect their planet.

As Megan, Madam, and Stars moved into the defensive cannon base, they decided to split up to cover more ground. Madam, while looking through some Chat files, discovered that the Chat was creating another Chat Star on the galaxies outer reaches. Before she could report her discover to the others, she was ambushed as Chat forces moved in on her. Elsewhere, Tyler and Visius moved into the Chat military port, as Visuis killed any soldier who got too close to Tyler, as he moved through the base as quick as he could. Tyler and Visuis were able to prevent the Chat from destroying the dry docks as they moved towards the bases center building, where the Chat Admiral they were after would be hiding.

Megan fires

Megan firing at Rekenia

Elsewhere on the planet, things were not going smoothly for the other teams. Jess, Talot, and Uvok met stiff Chat resistance as the Chat soldiers, aided by local police and pro-Chat civilians, were able to make the attackers pay heavily for every foot their gained in trying to take the capital. Just as they were about to enter the capital building, DIE Fighters began strafing the area, forcing the team to seek shelter and allow the Chat time to regroup. Back at the mountain base, Stars and Madam had successfully evacuated after Megan destroyed the control room. Before she too could escape however, she was attacked by Colonel Rekenia, and was taken to the base's underground section, away from her teammates and any form of help.

Fighting Continues

Militia micro smg

Civilian Militia in the sewers.

Megan was doing her best to fight Col. Rekenia, but his ability to use the force and skill with a laser cutlass allowed him to easily best Megan. Within the first moments of the fight, he had cut Megan's rifle in half and thrown her through multiple walls. However, she was able to buy herself sometime as she shot the cutlass out of his hand, before taking off her cracked helmet and taunting Rekenia. The capital assault team decided to move underground as they did not have the needed personal to beat the Chat back now. Jess took the first watch as while the rest of the team relaxed, they ran into a few Civilian Militia who too had moved to the city's sewers to regroup with other forces fighting the Chat. Tyler and Visius were still making their way towards the Chat Admiral, moving into the port's main complex as they made their way towards the panic room. The arrival of HK-droids slowed them down, as they were forced to engage highly skilled combat droids. 

Jess mad

Jess was furious with Talot for firing at friendlies.

The pair was able to kill the droids before moving into the panic room, engaging Chat Bodyguards as Visuis injured the admiral with a sniper shot. Once all the guards will killed after a lengthy fight, Tyler finished her off with his sidearm while Visuis pulling information off of her computer. Once that was done, they fought their way out of the base before finally leaving with the intelligence they stole in hand. Back underneath the defense base, Megan was giving Rekenia all he could handle, as after he lost his laster cutlass and Megan turned the fight into a hand to hand one, he had little chance of winning. Though he injured Megan severely, she would end up killing him, crushing his head against a wall as she contacted Stars and Saber for an evac. She was in need of medical attention, but she could still stand, as she made her way outside. Meanwhile, the capital had finally fallen to Republic and Militia forces, though the destruction of the city left many of the residents angry at their invaders, though the Republic was arguably nicer then when the Chat assaulted planets. However, Uvok went dark, which concerned Jess as she still was butting heads with Talot over shooting at friendly forces and arguing with civilians as they helped free some who were trapped in a building.

Post Battle

Though the mission was a success, the arrival of Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym threw a wrench not only in the Republic's plans, but the Chat's as well. Kamin had a very simple demand, he told Karl and Knightmare, through diplomats, that unless they submitted to their rule, they would be crushed. Karl knew their only chance of defeating the newcomers was to work with the Chat Empire, but he still needed to sit down with Knightmare first. Once he got his commandos back, he began to meet back with the main fleet over Gaeto to discuss his next course of action, as well as mulling over whether or not to talk to Knightmare. 

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