Used by DMR, this sniper rifle combines long range accuracy with unbeatable stopping power.


Firing a 14.5x114mm Depleted Sarcasm Special round at over 1,050 meters a second and up to 3 kilometers accurately, this sniper rifle is a fantastic anti-vehicle and anti-personal weapon. The round travels so fast, that the bullet reaches it's target before the sound does. The rifle is 54 inches long and weights 37 pounds when fully loaded, making it hard to move around. DMR has also modified the weapon to include a recoil control stock, a bi-pod, and a muzzle break to increase the killing capabilities. However, it cannot be silenced, making it impractical for stealth missions. Though some other mercenaries and even Chat Snipers have tried to find this rifle, it is very rare to see on the battlefield.


  • Extremely long range
  • Increased penetration
  • High bullet velocity
  • Attachment/modification compatible
  • Extremely accurate


  • Very heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Very rare
  • Cannot be silenced
  • Large and bulky weapon
  • Long barrel may give away user position