The Star Destroyer, typical vessel of the Chat Empire.

The Banhammer-class Star Destroyer is one of the most immediately recognizable vessels of the Chat navy.


Unlike the starships of the Chat, the typical capital ships of the Chat Navy are quite durable. Even though they are just short of two kilometers, the Ban-Hammer Star Destroyers are armed with 280 anti-air guns, 90 heavy repeating cannons, 6 mini particle beam cannons, 10 M70 Hawk Missile Pods, and 4 W87 GBM nuclear warheads. They also have a single hanger located underneath the ship. However a single beam from the Great Fox III lasers could rip through the strongest parts of the ship if the shields are down. It has very strong shields that make any attempt by a starfighter or light corvette to disable key external instruments pointless.

Ships of the line

One of these was stolen by Captain Palkins of the New Galactic Republic and renamed the Spirit of Honor.


Seen in practically every major naval engagement, including the Battle of Havin IV, the Sector W conflict, Sargasso Space Zone conflict, Saurian Ceti IV crisis, Battle of Eafth, Assault on Mu Gasto, and Operation Retribution.