The ban-hammer in all its glory.

The Banhammer-class Assault Cruiser is the deadliest offensive starship any navy has ever had, and the Chat Empire uses them without haste.


Knightmare created these to help the Chat Nation during the Chat Civil War .At over 10 km long, this star ship by any scale is huge. Armed with over 400 anti-air turrets, 225 anti-air cannons, 30 heavy beam particle cannons, 50 medium turrets, 80 M96 Howler Missile Pods, 4 NOVA class nuclear warheads, 6 W90 GMB nuclear warheads, 4 ship to ship defense batteries, 1 dark matter accelerator, and 2 Super MACs, it can destroy entire fleets by its self. With three hangers, it can unleash its hundreds of fighters, bombers, gunships, and shuttles, onto its enemies. Though these ships can go head long into battle by themselves, they are usually acting as flagships to entire fleets. When these show up in battle, it means the Chat is throwing everything they have to win a fight. They have seen major usage in both the Galactic Chat War and The Chat Schism.

This ship is also the smaller version of the Banhammer-class Bane Cruiser, which is over twice its size. However, this ship is easier to produce and maintain, with some even arguing the Bane Cruisers are wastes of money. Nevertheless, these were one of the few Chat vessels to not fall into New Galactic Republic hands when war broke out. 

Notable Battles