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Investigation on Koraulak Counter Attack on Beta Maximus 35b
With the Investigation on Koraulak complete, Karl gathered his forces to plan another attack, this time hoping to take the fight directly to the Chat.

Karl's personal fleet heading into battle.

Coming back from Koraulak

The mission on Koraulak was a success, with the Chat informant being captured and no one from the raid team being seriously injured. Returning to Yoth, some of the members discussed how to get the information out of him. Though members like Aylin and Tyler wanted to beat it out of him, it was eventually decided that Blue would be inserted into his mind and pull the information out, since he was being uncooperative. 

The intelligence Blue was able to fish out told the group that a Chat prison located on the planet of Dark Oculus was the most likely source of where he was getting their information. The group knew that if they attacked the planet, they would probably have to deal with the Administrator known as Bravadostock, since it was his home planet. While the teams enjoyed some much needed rest, Karl had Blue send probes into the area to gather more intel on the planet and area; enabling them to be better prepared for a fight. After a day or so of searching, Blue had collected enough information to relay to Karl so he could develop a plan of action of the other key members.

The probe collecting information for the attack.

Karl's plan called for using over one hundred ships to take on the Chat's planetary defenses, which consisted of over one and twenty ships of war and fourteen planetary defense platforms. Knowing speed was critical to taking down Bravado, the plan called for inserting assault teams into four platforms while destroyers and heavy gunships peppered Chat ship's that got to close. Once a path was opened up, shuttles and dropships would deploy troops to deal with Bravado and his forces, which also included Spartan A-118 and mercenaries. It was decided that two teams would be created to focus on the two big threats, with one focused on speed to take out Spartan while one that could deal massive damage would deal with Bravado. To also counter the large Chat military and mercenary presence, Karl got into contact with local militia on the planet, militia, while other called in favors from other bounty hunters and groups like Ronin to assist.

Opening Phases

Slipspace portal

All that was left after Tyler destroyed one of the defense platforms.

The fleets left Yoth, one under Karl's command, one under Unnamed Field Marshall, and one under the command of Lord of the Stars. Once they appeared over the planet, they were met with a hail of enemy fire from the Chat ships and defense platforms. Four teams, lead by Tyler Alshwind, Aylin BrayEdward, and Uvok made head way towards their targets as the area around them filled with plasma and explosions. To their surprise, the mission to take out the defense platforms was not a challenge, with the teams running into light resistance. A Mini Slip Space Bomb used by Tyler signaled that the four platforms had been destroyed as the teams were picked up and the next phase of the assault began; landing on the planet and dealing with Bravado and Spartan. 

As the shuttles started heading towards Dark Oculus, the space battle still raged on. While Brute and Republic forces dealt with destroying the Chat military forces in space, Stars' crews were going to work raiding the ships, destroying them from the inside or capturing them. Though Karl wanted all his forces to focus on destroying the Chat forces, he knew having more ships, especially Chat ships at his disposal would prove helpful. With the battle still going on, he finally gave the green light for the invasion forces to move in.

Invading Dark Oculus

Republic advance

Republic soldiers advancing while under fire.

The invasion forces were meet with heavy resistance, with anti-air batteries and counter measures shooting down droves of escort fighters and dropships. The fighting, like the groups had expected, were brutal, but the soldiers came prepared. The Chat would throw HK-droids and Heavy Troopers, only to be countered by Brutes, PHMGs, and other light machine guns. However, the sheer speed the assault teams hit the Chat defenders was enough to help with their advance, until 5th Legion soldiers were deployed to deal with the attackers. 

The 5th Legions attack proved to be a game changer, as the teams were caught off guard by their arrival. The fighting became close quarters, and brutal, as the commandos had yet to fight these soldiers. The situation only got worse when team members began to get hurt, with Edward being forced to use his bio foam, Uvok losing an arm and having to be extracted, and Talot becoming pinned under rumble. Though Talot demanded to be left behind, Megan and Edward refused, opting to bombarded the area around them to prevent the Chat from killing them. The area soon filled with dust as the teams tried to regain their composer and keep the fight going. 

The Big Guns Arrived

Bodyguard admin

Chat Bodyguards moving in ahead of Spartan.

The smoke cleared on Edward, Megan, and Talot as the sight of Chat Bodyguards meant that their target, Spartan A-118 had finally arrived. As expected, it was a brutal fight, as Spartan was able to easily match Talot's strength; which meant that Edward and Megan were reduced to trying to soften him up. Around this time, Tyler and Jess came into contact with Bravado, who was already hurt after plowing his way through Republic forces. With his strength and speed increased, he was able to over power the two elite soldiers.
Bravado energy

The more Bravado got hurt, the more powerful he became.

The fight with the two Chat figures only grew more and more intense, with Renée, Tyler, and Jess in dealing with Bravado, as Aylin, Stars, and Trol' helped Talot and the Sentinels with Spartan. Even though both were outnumbered, they were more then capable of holding off the the assault teams and even Kig-Yar deployed by Stars. However, the fights were turning into battles of attrition the Republic's forces could win, forcing both Barvado and Spartan to pull out all the stops in trying to defeat their enemies. Just when it seemed Spartan was on the ropes though, he landed a shot on Edward's heart, causing him to collapse as his heart was punctured and he started to bleed heavily. Elsewhere, Aylin was doing all she could to one on one Bravado, who only got stronger with each blow she dealt. With Tyler and Jess out of ammunition, the fight soon turned to knives. 

Megan was filled with rage as Edward laid there, motionless and unresponsive. With Trol', Talot, Alyin, and Tellu Sanaga all fighting Spartan, it soon became clear he was severely outnumbered and outclassed. When he would attack one, the rest would gang up on him; and the combination of long and close range attacks prevented him from gaining any sort of upper hand. Finally weakened, he was killed after he had been punched, kicked, shot, stabbed, and even thrown multiple times, though all the attackers were exhausted after it. With Spartan dead, the fight soon turned back to Bravado, though with Edward in critical condition, an evac was called for him. However, before the team could leave, they had to deal with one final push from 5th Legoin soldiers. Already exhausted from fighting Spartans, the timely arrival of gunships saved the group from being wiped out. 

The other group was taking all they could handle from Bravado, who would not die, even if he was literally covered in his own blood. Realizing that tanking him was not working, Renée, Tyler, and Jess modified their plan, deciding to use precise attacks to defeat Bravado. Tyler, knowing his skills were with firearms, used a rifle from a dead Chat soldier to keep Bravado occupied, aiming for his eyes to blind him. Jess, using her speed and knife skills, slashed at his tendons, weakening him for Renée, who was able to finally kill Bravado with his own sword. In his last words, he complimented the warriors, saying he could not wait to see them when they to died one day.


Megan holds edward

Megan held Edward's lifeless corpse.

As the dropship brought the assault team fighting Spartan back, Megan grew more and more desperate as Edward's life slipped away. Surrounded by her new friends, they did her best to console her as Edward died on the ship, and Megan cradled his body as she sobbed, knowing she had just lost someone very near and dear to her. His death was felt through all the members, as it had been a while since one of the Republic's elite soldiers had been killed.

The mission, overall, was a success, with the Chat losing over one hundred war ships and thousands and thousands of soldiers, along with an Admin and Moderator. Though the Republic and Resistance forces would lose a fair share of ships and soldiers, the death of Edward was a blow more to the tactical capabilites of the Republic. Nevertheless, the battle was hailed a victory as steps were being taken to bury Edward with full military honors.

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