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Delegation on Gaeto Na Zego Incident
With the capture of Jess McKathy, the New Galactic RepublicTeam Heretic Dinofox, and Commander Heathcliff's forces teamed up to begin the hunt to bring her back. 
Chat mu gasto

3 Ban-Hammer Assault Cruisers over Mu Gasto.


With the Delegation on Gaeto suspended after the Black Fang bombed it, the team ready to get back at the Chat. After Karl had beat the information out of a traitor, he learned that the Administrator known as Zeta was behind the attack. With vengeance in his heart, DMR was ready to go after Zeta before anyone even knew where he was. Karl got into contact with his informant and learned that Zeta was located on the Chat controlled planet of Mu Gasto. Knowing that Zeta would not be staying there long, Karl got together with Sinon and they started drawing up a plan of action. 

Battle Plan

The pair soon realized that it would be impossible to just attack Zeta, as the planet was well defended. It was decided that to ensure the Chat were taken off guard, especially by Zeta, they would have to destroy the communications-array on the planet. Since Karl wanted to use the planet as a base of operations for the republic, this meant the array would have to go off online rather then being destroyed. While this get rid of one threat, this still left the question of what to do with the 30 plus ships guarding Mu Gasto. Once again, Karl wanted to use some of the Chat's ships, as he was in desperate need of them. Luckily, The Hecate and Karl's Banshee were equipped with warheads that could double as EMPs, which could get the Chat's ships offline. Now the only problem was figuring out who would be doing what. When everyone arrived at the Hecate, Andare took Edward aside to show off the new engine core installed into the ship.

Holo map

A holographic projection of the city containing the Coms Array.

Everyone who would be part of the attack was summoned onto the Hecate. Teams were quickly broken up, with Johnson, DMR, and Edward being team One; Karl, BlueSora, Shiro, STARS and Ral (The Hecate's AI) in team Two; and the last team being made up by Megan, Sinon, and Andare. Team One's job was to attack Zeta's compound, Team Two would deal with the space threat, and Team Three would engage and disable the planet's array tower. Team Three had probably the most important job, as neither of the other teams could attack until the coms-array are down; which would prevent the planet from calling in outside help.

Team Three discussed their possible plans for attack. Knowing they could destroy the coms array, they had to figure out how to disable it to allow the Fleet to engage the planet. Megan's idea was for the team was to be inserted onto the building from a dropship, allowing them to get the drop on the enemy. However, Andare came up another plan; they would dress up as tourists, allowing them to get close to the array without raising alarms. Using a teleport and an over sized handbag, they use EMP the array and then hold the area until the Republic could secure the area. Megan, seeing the chance to get into the season's fashion, was fully supportive of the plan. Though Sinon was not onboard initially, her daughter was able to convince her other wise. The three left the ship to go on a shopping spree.

Team Two was in the main holo-projector screen room in The Hecate, discussing how to use their ships. Part of STARS fleet along with 12 ships from Gaeto would support the two stealth ships once the EMP went off. Karl, wanting to use as many specialized ships as possible, asked Shiro and Sora if he could use their ship as a boarding craft. Sora said yes, but if only one of the captured Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser was given to him as payment. Karl, at first, was upset with this, saying that his navy was in desperate need of warships, and that an 18 year old would have no need to that kind of vessel. Sora said he wanted to start building his own fleet, and that since Karl was using his ship, it was only fair. Their argument continued, with neither side budging, with Ral getting involved, siding with Sora and Shiro. Karl pointed out to the AI that he was that, an AI with no emotions and should not get involved in other people's problems. Ral, who was struggling with rampancy, lost it and called out Karl, saying Blue was more human then he was and that AI's did have emotions. Karl, unmoved, continued to talk in a calm manner until Ral threatened to kill him on the spot. Karl, realizing nothing us was going to get done, left the ship with Blue.

John plan

Johnson, with his signature cigar, discussing his idea for attacking the base.

Team One, meeting in the lower levels of the ship, were trying to work out their differences on how they approached combat. Edward wanted to keep a low profile and use the Chat's lack of communications support to sneak into the compound. Johnson was against this, saying that he could just draw out the Chat while Edward and DMR inserted themselves into the base. While the two discussed their ideas, DMR stayed out of it, just wanting to put his hands on Zeta's throat as he choked the life out of him. Luckily, the two were able to come some sort of agreement. Johnson would assault the base while DMR provided sniper cover. Once enough of them were taken out, DMR and Edward would advance on Zeta, with Johnson making sure no one else showed up. However, while they were discussing their plans, Ral went AWOL and told the group on the loudspeaker he had the thought of killing them, but at the same time, Ral had alerted Sora and Shiro so they could remove him from the system before trying to get revenge on Karl. With that, DMR and Edward left the Hecate, believing the crew could not control their AI. Unknown to them, Sora and Shiro had already removed Ral from the ship according to his orders to keep Edward and DMR safe.

Gearing up for the Assault

Karl's team left the Hecate and made their way to their headquarters to discuss their next plan of action. While waiting for Megan to get back from her shopping trip, they guys were able to let some steam out. Karl then explained to the group that Blue could never have a meltdown like Ral because she was not a copy of a human brain. After about another hour, Megan finally came back, as the two other girls had gone back home to the Hecate. It was at that time they got a distress call from the ship, the engine core had gotten loose and unless they could put it back into place, Turesta would be leveled. Racing across the city, the team was able to reach the ship and ran inside to assess the situation. DMR helped Johnson hold the core in place, as Blue was inserted into the ship, since Ral was in no shape to help at the time; however becoming exhausted, DMR was able to reinsert the core into the ship. Andare even went as far as to immediately test the ship's slipspace abilities, launching the ship from the ground.

Republic bridge

Karl's forces readying their starships.

After the ordeal, everyone returned to their quarters to rest before they left for Mu Gasto. However, people like DMR, Andare, and Edward could not get to sleep, spending the entire night trying to clear their mind of the attack. In the early hours of the morning, a slipspace rupture was detected, Unnamed Field Marshall and his fleet had arrived after going dark for almost a year. DMR was happy to see Field Marshall, but soon learned that This War Is Ours, Field's second in command, had been taken prisoner by an unknown group. DMR told Field Marshall that just as he was going after the people who took Jess, he told Field Marshall to do the same. Saying their goodbyes, DMR gave Field Marshall an encrypted message, which contained a possible lead for Field. With his fleet gone and the run rises, Karl got his forces ready to leave the planet. Andare, Megan, and Sinon, all dressed up, boarding a civilian craft heading to Mu Gasto, which would arrive about an hour before the rest of the fleet would.  

Assault begins


The communications tower.

Once the three girls touched down on the planet, Megan begin to immediately search for soldiers who would lead them into the planet’s communications tower. It did not take her long to find a few soldiers, and all it took for Megan was a few words and her eyes and she had the soldiers hooked. Sinon just rolled her eyes but she had to admit that it worked. The three girls, soldiers in tow, walked through the city, as Megan did her best to get them to spill any information that had on the planet’s military capabilities. With a listening device in her ear for Karl, they learned that that was not much here that would stop an attack on the planet. With a smile across all their faces, it took them another ten minutes to arrive to the tower. Knowing their job was done, Megan led the soldiers away as the other two girls prepared the EMP device. Once they were separated, Megan dealt with the five soldiers, knocking them out in a back alley before meeting the two girls.

EMP blast MW3

The EMP going off.

The girls entered the building as Andare pulled out a pistol and fired on the two soldiers, as Sinon and Megan rushed them, taking their rifles. Knowing time was of the upmost importance, Sinon got to hacking an express elevator as the other two girls entered. Sending them to the top floor, they exited and dogged plasma fire as Andare hit the EMP, knocking the tower out and disabling all electronics in the city. With the planet now cut off from calling help, Karl’s group came out of slip space, engaging Chat vessel’s and deploying Heathcliff’s team to go and get Zeta.The assault on the planet had begun, and DMR was ready to exact his revenge on Zeta.

As the dropship neared the Chat base, the team was going over their plan, DMR was to give them sniper cover while Edward, Heathcliff, and four Republic Sentinel members assaulted the base. Captured HK Droids were to be deployed in front of them to draw off Chat forces and soften them up for the main attack. Once DMR was dropped off, he began to snipe the soldiers out of the towers, along with any high ranking soldier, hoping to demoralize the troops. With the soldiers taking cover from DMR’s sniper fire, Heathcliff lead a charge on the base, absorbing heavy fire with his shield while the soldiers took pop shots from behind it. With the main entrance secured, DMR left his sniper position, running towards the base with his assault rifle in had ready to help with the attack. 

Sniper by dywa

The mysterious sniper engaging DMR.

Entering the compound, the ground was littered with dead Chat soldiers as the area became quiet. Regrouping, the talk about their next move was cut off when a missile exploded as Zeta and a group of bodyguards  opened up on them. All DMR could do was stare him down as he charged Zeta, trying to disable his jetpack and force him to fight on the ground. However, before he could even fire, a snipe shot hit DMR square in the chest, knocking him down. Getting knocked down, DMR looked up to see Zeta closing in on him, opening fire. The timely arrival of Heathcliff, and his shield blocking the plasma fire, protected DMR enough to allow his shield to recharge. Heathcliff turned to DMR and told him to take care of the sniper, and before DMR could even argue, Heathcliff hit Zeta with his shield as the Chat Bodyguards and Republic soldiers engaged each other. DMR ran, dodging sniper fire as closed in on the cliff overlooking the base, where the sniper fire was coming from. 

Assault continues

Though Karl was winning the space battle above the planet, it was taking longer then expected. This was bad news for the girls, as this left them trapped in the tower, and forced them to hold out against increasing numbers of both soldiers and police officers. With only M-25 rifles and no body armor, they were able to off Chat forces, but once Megan took a plasma round to the abdomen, the situation started to look more grim. Realizing their options were running out, Sinon picked up Megan as Andare provided them covering fire. Fighting their way to a back door, the girls entered a pickup truck and took off near the woods, hoping to get far enough away to lose the Chat.


The three girls made a daring escape.

Heathcliff and Zeta were getting into a brutal fight, though the sniper was able to keep Heathcliff off balanced due to forcing him to constantly blocking his fire. As Heathcliff went in for a strike, a wrist rocket fired by Zeta knocked him down. Looking up, he expected a sniper shot to ring out, but instead nothing as he quickly got back up. Unknown to him, DMR had open fired on the sniper, drawing his fire. DMR closed in but was forced to take cover when the sniper shot his rifle out of his hands. Drawing his sidearm, he moved up taking quick shots before moving back to cover. After doing this a few more times, he had closed the gap between the two. When DMR posed out from cover again, he was met with a DLGM911 as well, which took him by surprise.

Zeta was doing all he could to keep his distance, but he was able to get around Heathcliff’s shield. While lining up another shot, Zeta took fire and was forced to seek cover with his shield failing. He looked around to see Edward and two soldiers, meaning Zeta’s six bodyguards had only killed two soldiers. As he hide behind cover, Heathcliff attacked Zeta, knocking him out of cover as Zeta was now outnumbered and running out of options. Zeta was both outclassed by Heathcliff at close range, but was unable to keep his distance with three soldiers firing at him. Zeta’s shield was popped but before he could hide to recharge it, Heathcliff knocked him down with his shield, before stabbing him in the leg, preventing him from escaping. 

DMR froze as he heard the gun, and was caught off guard when his helmet cracked as he took a shot to the head. Falling down, he was dazed as the figure stood over him, and DMR’s eyes shot open when he saw it was Jango Al Ghul. DMR kicked him, and made Ghul’s shot go wide. He stood back up and disarmed Ghul, as the two engaged in a hand to hand fight. Youth was on DMR’s side, and after a brief scuffle, DMR broke Ghul’s arm and stood over him, demanding to know why he was here. 

End of the assault

Andare did her best to drive as Sinon gave them covering fire, but the Chat forces were beginning to close in on them. While driving on the freeway, they lost a tire and spun out, and where then forced to fight it out. Outnumbered and outgunned, all hope seemed lost for the trio as they did their best to hold off the Chat. That is when explosions rocked the freeway, and the girls looked up to see LAGS/U gunships and VTOLs, the calvary had arrived curiosity of Karl. Troops excited the dropships as they girls were helped in, they had successfully turned the planet dark.

Heathcliff arrived to the cliff to see DMR yelling at a body, demanding to know what happened to Jess. When DMR saw Heathcliff, all he could say was that this was the man who had taken her, and he was ready to blow this man’s brains out. Heathcliff had to calm him down as he realized that killing him would mean the trail on Jess would go cold. Elsewhere, Zeta was being loaded onto a gunship as Karl had dispatched a few to help take the compound. With Zeta now in New Galactic Republic hands and the revelation that Jess had been kidnapped by Ghul, the mission was hailed a success and DMR was ready to beat all the information out of Ghul to figure out where Jess was.  

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