Arwing II

The Arwing II. Notice it's sleekness in comparison to the original.

The Arwing II is the upgraded model of the Arwing original. It is currently used by Fox McCloud.  


A much stronger and faster version of the original Arwing, the Arwing II has been used since right before the Angler Blitz. It has been proven to be much more advanced then it's older counterpart. After the Slipspace rift incident, the Arwing II has been heavily modified to be able to carry an additional person in a cramped cabin behind the pilot, and an FTL drive has been installed. Additional heavy shielding was put on the already heavily shielded Arwing II for slipspace travel.


  • The original Arwing's stats are mistaken to be greater then the Arwing II in Star Fox Command.
  • The 'G-diffuser' system allows extreme shield strength on the Arwing II like it's precursor counterpart, at the cost of its notably high speed. With the shields completely gone and the engine strength changed to maximum speed, rather fast conventional interplanetary travel is possible.
    • When it is used the other way, the Arwing II has some of the best shields not only in the Star Fox universe, but in the Team Heretic Dinofox one.
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