Alpha Harmony is a dry planet that home the galaxy's most dangerous groups.  


Alpha Harmony is very dry and gets about four inches of rain fall a year. It is very mountainous and has very little plant life with sand storms being very common and the sun shines through most of the year. Most people live in isolated villages out in the suburbs of many towns and does have some thriving cities, which act as ports for trading. The few wild animals that roam Alpha Harmony are known to be extremely aggressive. 


Bar harmony

One of the many bounty hunter bars on the planet.

Even today, most of the galaxies bounty hunters and mercenaries call this planet home. Though the Chat Empire looks down on this planet, they leave it alone and use the bounty hunters to their advantage. 

This planet was the birthplace of Zeta and Jango Al Ghul.

Commander Conor also had a restauraunt on this planet.