It's an automatic broomstick, what else could you want? 


This shotgun fries a 15 gauge shell and can burn through a 6 round magazine in about 3 seconds. With the addition of a rail system, the shotgun could also have sights, grips, and flash lights. The gun can switch between single shot and fully automatic. However, due to it not being pump action, range can be an issue at times. It used heavily by The Resistance for close quarters combat, especially when boarding enemy ships. 

Common users:

  • DMR will occasionally use the AA-M90 when the situation calls for a close quarters weapon to spit out a high volume of death. 
  • Civilian Militia use the shotgun extensivey, since it possess a very high rate of fire.


  • High Rate of Fire
  • High Damge
  • Customizable


  • Short Range
  • High Recoil